Sophie Goes Home

Sophie, our 4th Accelerated Puppy went home last Sunday. She is adjusting well and learning the ropes in her new home. Here are a couple of updates.

Sophie Made It

Well we didn’t hear a peep out of Sophie during the whole 8 hour trip back to P. We stopped about 4 times to get out and walk a bit and she did great. Right now she is resting next to me in the kitchen after getting a walk around the neighborhood and then given a tour of her new home. I am so glad you trained her to walk on the leash properly – what a joy to have her stop when I stop and to wait when I ask her too.


Sophie is doing much better with the grandchildren today. They came over for a visit and she followed them around and hung around while the kids played but jumped back if they make any quick movements. She startles easily even with me with so I don’t know if that will be a longterm thing or if she is still getting used to us. I’m going to take her to a small dog “play group” at a local dog training center and see how she does. Tomorrow we are off to the vet.

It does take some time for a young dog to make the transition. But overall, it sounds like Sophie is getting used to her new home!


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