Blessed With Friends

I just got home from an amazing 8 days in warm, sunny CA. I got to see lots of old friends, some new friends, and a surprise friend.

There is one thing for certain in this world for me. I have been blessed with friends!!


New Friend – Cyndie…Vivacious, energetic, positive!  She bought Winston who is fitting in beautifully with their family and other 2 dogs!



Forever Friend – My Mom!…Patient, Loving, Thoughtful!  My strong pillar in this world.



Surprise Friend – Lorene…Church member from Exeter, who now lives near my mom!  Such fun to catch up on all the mutual people we both knew!  Didn’t know I was going to see her!



New Friend – Carolyn…Bought Molly.  Gentle, Classy, Soft Spoken.  I haven’t heard anything, so I hope Molly is fitting in well with their family!



Old Friend – Michelle…Inspiring, , Passionate, Well read.  Miss Michelle and their entire family a lot!



Old Friend – Jeannine…Spontaneous, Adventuresome, FUN!  So good to see her after 16 years, hear her familiar laugh, and meet her children!  Shared so many good times so many years ago!  Have so many great memories!



Old Friend – Jill…My best bud from High School days!  Played flute and piccolo together.  Both of us are “curly girls”, but she’s cheating now and wearing a straight style!  Can’t wait to go snow skiing with her someday!



Old Friend – Todd…The groom at the wedding I attended.  Encouraging, funny, refreshing!  What an honor to attend his wedding and meet his new bride!



Old Friend – Kathy…Another one of my besties, but from College days!  Loyal, Listener, Trustworthy, Comrade!  So much in common with this girl!  Miss her dearly!



Old Friend – Helena…Kindred Spirit, Heartfelt, Beautiful!  Oh my, I taught this girl gymnastics and she was one of my very best students.  I hadn’t seen her since she was 12 years old and in the 6th grade!  What an amazing time reminiscing about gymnastics, school, and sharing an evening together!  From little girl to beautiful woman.  Just an amazing experience to see her after all these years!



New Friend – Eva…Fellow Dog breeder, Gentle Spirit, Christian Role Model.  So happy to see all of Eva’s dogs, share a meal in her home, and talk about our businesses together!  Can’t wait to Accelerate one of her puppies someday!



My mom again.  So sad to say goodbye and have to head home.  What a joy to share all of these experiences with all of these people!  So refreshing to have a change of pace!  It went by too fast!

2 responses to “Blessed With Friends

  1. Hi Kristy, it looks like you had a really great trip. Love the pics of your new and old friends. Thanks for sharing something so personal with the rest of us.

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