Molly & Teddy II Cavachon Litter

Introducing Molly & Teddy II’s litter born 9-23-11. There are 4 puppies, 1 Sable/White female, 2 Blenheim females, and 1 Blenheim male. We have 3 deposits for Cavachons at this time, so there is definitely at least 1 Blenheim female available from this litter. We are accepting deposits now.






The big Blenheim is the boy!!

7 responses to “Molly & Teddy II Cavachon Litter

    • Marilyn,
      I’m fairly certain that Mikayla wants the sable/white female, so I think we can say “Big Boy” is yours. If you know his name, let me know, so as he gets older, we can start using it! He does like huge in these photos, but while he’s bigger than the others, he’s not that much bigger! I think the apricot will come through more vibrantly as he grows as well!

  1. Hi, Heather from Lillybits referred me to this website. My family and I are interested in the last female Cavachon you have.

  2. If there is a female still available, please set me know.

    I live in Laguna Niguel, CA and also need to know the price and the cost of shipping.

    Thanks so much
    Jan Mannino

    • Hi Jan,
      There are 2 blenheim females still available from Molly’s litter. The blenheim puppies are $850 and shipping is $325. If you’d like to send a deposit to hold a female, let me know and I’ll send you my address. Also, let me know any questions you have. Kristy

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