Puppies Made It To Seattle

The flight was successful to Seattle and all 3 puppies are in the arms of their new parents! Here is a quick update from Braden’s new mama.

Braden wagged his tail when I called his name. Then barked hello to me :-). R loved him and after getting everyone situated with their pups, we’re on our way home. Braden is in his crate, asleep! He’s a natural in the car! We’ll stop on way home to pee/poop, he didn’t do either at cargo. Kennel was clean!

M and hubby were SO excited. L and her partner talked very highly of you. Both their pups so cute.

I’ll call you when home, I’m taking over driving now!



Accelerated Puppy #3 Goes Home…And 2 Shichons

Friends, it’s doesn’t get any easier.

First I had to send home Chloe, a Blenheim Cavachon that we kept and trained for 6 months.

Then I had to send home Zoe, a solid sable Cavachon that we kept and trained for 8 months. Both dogs live in the same home in Connecticut, and dogs and family are happy!!

Today I’m sending home Braden, a 15 week old Tri Cavachon that has completed Phase 1 Accelerated Puppy Training. He will be missed, but he will be loved even more!!

I’m also sending home 2 Shichon puppies on the same flight!! I know all the pups and families are going to be very happy!!

Goodbye Braden, Harper, and the tiny dark brown and white Shichon from Sadie’s litter! Send pictures and let us know how you are doing!!





A Few More From The Groomers

What a surprise to run into another Cavachon at the groomer!  This girl was a Ruby puppy, that has kept some color on her ears and back, but faded to a beautiful creamy red color!  It’s always fun to see what a breed of puppy will look like as an adult!



She was a lovely dog!



And of course, can’t forget about Molly & Braden.  I forgot that I had taken these snaps as well! 



Molly on the left, Braden on the right!


Oh goodness, it just doesn’t get any cuter than this!!!

Shichons Get A Bath

A bath, brush, and blow-dry is in order before puppies go home.  Each puppy is always so different, some loving the water, some hating it!  Most of them don’t like the blow drier AT ALL, so ultimately, it’s a bit of a stressful experience.  But they all survive and they all look 100% better when it’s over!  I forgot to take a “before” picture, but you get an idea of the process from these photos!  They both did very well, and only mildly objected to the blow drier!  They were definitely balls of clean fluff when it was over!!


Cute little wet rats!!


“Really now, did you HAVE to give me a bath?”


“It wasn’t so bad!”


“Oohh, these towels are really snuggly!”


“Let me hide behind this lace!”


“Look at me!”


“I may look cute, but I’m going to remember this.”


Melty sweet!


More Melty Sweet!




Harper again!


“We’re ready to go home now!”




This is tiring!!  Yawn!!!


Garden Supper

It’s that time of year around here when the garden produce is finally ready to eat!  We planted corn for the first time and it is delicious!!  I hope to get some of it in the freezer, but for now, we’ll just walk out to the garden, pluck a few ears off the stalks, shuck it, steam it, grab the butter and salt, and yummmmm, the kernals expode in our mouths with all the juicy, sweet taste that comes with home grown foods!  And not only does it taste so good, it looks purdy too!


I”m so proud that we grew this corn!  I want to plant twice as much next year!


Our supper was mostly all garden produce.  Not all of this came out of our garden.  Some of it came out of my friend’s garden.  This was our supper that we shared together.

Corn on the Cob
Green Beans
Tomato/Cucumber Salad
(Those were our garden items)

and yummy Rice that my friend made!  It was the perfect light, summer supper!


Take another look at it!


Now look at it in HD.  I’m not sure what the big deal is.  The HD picture seems to be more faded looking??  Maybe someone can educate me.  One of these days I’ll learn about photography.  Maybe after my kids are all married!  Maybe then, I’ll have time!



Oh, and the green beans have home grown garlic – I noticed it on the HD picture – maybe that’s what the big deal is.  You can see stuff better!  Oh, and the tomato/cucumber salad also had olives, tofu, and all sorts of yummy herbs.  Don’t ask me for the recipe.  I have no idea!!