Molly and Me

Molly is one of the sweetest girls ever!! She is from our beloved Lucy Lou and Spencer, and a puppy that we bred, raised, and kept. She is an amazing mother and she produces lovely babies with wonderful temperaments. She is due any day and I can’t wait to see what color Cavachons she has baking in that big belly of hers!!


Look at her big belly, all shaved and ready for puppies to nurse!



As a puppy, and even now, she has the perfect markings on her face!







She’s a total cuddler!



She’s one of my favorite mamas!!

I Love My Job!

It’s such a treat for me when I actually get to meet my buyers face to face.  When we lived in California, this was a much more regular part of Silver Paw Kennels, because we were equal distances from Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sacramento, and people would drive to our place to choose their puppy.  But now that we live in WA, in the middle of nowhere, and people coming out to our place happens only occasionally.  I am thankful for the airlines because many puppies find their new homes that way, but being able to place the puppy in the arms of the new owner is my FAVORITE MOMENT in the process of raising the puppies…second only to watching a puppy successfully use his litterbox on his own!

Last Friday, I had the privelege of meeting two buyers in “the big city”, and I loved every minute of it!  The first buyer was Kathy and her husband, who actually DID come out to our place a few weeks ago to choose their puppy.  After they chose the pup, they rushed home, rushed to Mexico for Vacation, and rushed back to pick up Gracie’s last boy when he was just 8 weeks old!  We had a nice visit, I answered some last minute questions, and in the excitement of everything, I forgot to give them the Shot Record, which, as of this morning, has been mailed to them!

I wish I had taken a picture of what we did to set up a “potty” for Mika for his trip home.  Mika’s parents gave me the idea that the trunk of the car would be the best spot, so we created a little space, surrounded by suitcases and a box, lined it with newspaper, and when Mika needed to “go”, they just pulled over, plopped open the trunk and let him do this business!  It was such a great idea (thank you so much!!) that I will be telling everyone else to do this for their car rides when they’re bringing their puppies home.  Puppies need 3 sets of vaccinations before they’re truly safe from the killer Parvo Virus, so you must NOT put him down in a public area on the ride home.  Creating a “potty” in the car is the best option, and using the trunk is a much better idea than a potty pad on the front seat floor (what I’ve been telling people to do for years now).  If you have a UGODOG—BRING IT–and create a space surrounded by “stuff” so you create a potty corner!

Here is Kathy and hubby getting Mika!  They are going to be the best parents!!


They already gave me a little update so I’ll share it with all of you!

Hi Kristy!
Just wanted to give u an update on the little cutie pie. It took us 6.75 hours to reach home with 4 potty breaks n a vet visit. Mika did wonderfully! He peed on the newspaper in the trunk n pooped on the Ugodog after we reached home. We couldn’t b happier!!

Just after meeting with Mika’s parents, I got to meet Connie!  She is getting “Braden”, one of our Accelerated Puppies, and she happened to be in the big city so I brought Braden down so she could meet him!  He isn’t actually going home until next Sunday, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to let her see her pup face to face for the first time (and be there to experience it myself)!  Meeting Connie was like meeting an “old friend”, as we’ve emailed extensively throughout this puppy choosing process.  Our time ended too quickly, but what a joy while it lasted!


We took Braden and Sophie (who I brought along for the ride, and because Braden is in love with her and I thought it would make his trip a little easier) on a walk in the nearby neighborhood and attracted attention with the residents and gardener!  Both dogs walk perfectly on the leash, so we had a lovely time chatting and enjoying the puppies!  We took one last picture before Connie had to say goodbye to Braden and get back to her responsibilities in the city.


I get to meet the most AMAZING people!!

I love my job!