I have stuff and I need to get rid of it. It is everywhere and in the way. Our home is small and we need to have only what we need, love, and use regularly.

I came across a stack of old nature posters. I haven’t looked at these posters for over 20 years, yet I can’t just toss them into the trash. Why is that?

They were special at one time. They covered the walls of my childhood bedroom. I remember when I packed them away, I thought I would give them to my children. I thought they would be precious to them like they were precious to me.

Our kids don’t really care about OUR stuff. They have their OWN stuff. I did give the horse poster to my daughter some time ago. It’s not on her wall now. It must have torn and been thrown away. I guess there is some satisfaction in knowing that one of my children enjoyed one of my precious posters.

I’m going to toss them in the trash tonight. But first, I am going to look at them, enjoy the memories, and smile.


The Mighty Wolf


The Grand Tiger


The Cute Koala Bear


An Ugly Monkey. Not sure why I kept this one!!

There is one of penguins diving into the icy ocean and a sweet sea otter. There is a fox pup and his mother peering out of a hollow tree den and an African cheetah with two cubs. Somehow, these were significant to the child Kristy, and I have moved these items with me all these years. It’s really quite amazing if you really think about it.

But it’s time to part ways. I feel a little better that I snapped some photos. And don’t worry, there are many, many things that get tossed without a thought. I’m just trying to go through everything and slim down. I want peace and order to surround me, so a lot of things are going to have to go.

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