Jesse Male Goes Home

We had a surprise adoption this weekend and a local family that was on the waiting list decided they didn’t want to wait for a darker puppy when this boy from the Jesse litter was so perfectly cute and ready to go home now!!

They named him Gryffin and it was love at first sight for everyone!! Gryffin was all wags and kisses and I was gushing about how much this new owner and myself looked alike!!

Meeting all of you is what makes all the work so worth it! I love knowing the puppies are going to homes where they will be loved and adored!!

There is just one Jesse pup still available, the smaller, more colorful female. I’ll try to get a new picture of her. In the meantime, Gryffin and Kate’s large blenheim female had a bath. Enjoy their photos!

It’s time for a bath.

“Whats happening, Mom?”

“Do we have to do this?”

New Videos

Just a quick note to let you know there are new videos on the Pearlie, Abbey, and Chantel pages.  I’m planning to do a new video of the Sophia puppies tomorrow as well.  I’ll probably sneak in another look at the Jesse pups and the last two Justyne pups too.  It’s still super cold here.  Next week it should get a little warmer, into the 30’s!!  We are counting the days until springtime, green grass, and lots of warm sunshine!

Moving on to the Pearlie Litter

Hello again!

Things are happening quickly here so I want to keep everyone updated in real time!  As of yesterday I posted that we still had the Jesse male and female and two females from the Justyne litter.

Today, we had two families from the waiting list reach out and they have now been matched to the golden female and black female from the Justyne litter.  This means that the Justyne litter has been completely matched, and we will move forward to the Pearlie litter for puppy selection.  We still do have the male and female blenheim pups from the Jesse litter and I know there are 2 families out there that will be thrilled to find them available.

If you are on the waiting list, I have been taking notes regarding your preferences for the puppies.  I do want to say that I NEED you to reach out often, especially if we are working on a litter that you have a special interest in.  Since the puppies are all different ages, and several people are wanting to see their personalities, we are not matching all of the puppies super young, under 4 weeks old.  But I will need people to make their decisions by the time puppies are 4-5 weeks old, simply because families are needing to make flight arrangements and they need more than a week or two to make that happen at a decent price.

The Pearlie litter is currently 5 weeks old so we are officially opening up that litter for puppy selection.  If you are on the waiting list and you are interested in a Pearlie pup (there are still 5 pups available) I need to hear from you!  It may seem like I need to hear you say the same thing over and over, but the truth is that people keep changing their minds, so everything is very fluid around here, with things changing day by day, and often hour by hour.  I am also dealing with a LOT of people and a LOT of puppies so the more fresh your email is in front of my eyes, the easier it is for me to keep everything straight!!  It is definitely a challenging process to keep up with all the emails and care of the puppies.

If you are currently deep on the list, I have received your emails, but I am not jumping to answer all of your specific questions simply because the puppy you may be asking about may not be available when I get to your name on the list.  Please know that I am reading all the emails, but I have to use my limited time as carefully as possible.  I will reach out to each of you when it is your turn to choose a puppy, and often I will let you know when there are just a couple people in front of you.  I will answer all of your questions when we know exactly which puppies are available for you to choose from.

Right now I am working with #1 Deb and #2 Rosalie.  They are not looking at Pearlie puppies. We have reached a point where they are wanting more details on the solid sable and sable/white female puppies from the Chantel and Abbey litters, but we are waiting for those litters to get a little older first.  After Rosalie, I will reach out to Trudy H. and Sara J., and then Lauren M.  The puppies are quite young still so we are just watching them grow and I do plan to update all the litter videos this week.  If you are deeper in the waiting list and want to talk about the Pearlie pups, do reach out and send me an email now.

I know this process is agonizingly slow and tedious, but each week matches more puppies to their forever homes and little by little the wait gets shorter!!  I hope this lets everyone know where things stand for now.

As for the Jesse pups, they are available to those on or off the waiting list.  Please send us an email at to learn more about Jesse’s litter.  You can also see the most updated videos of her puppies on the Jesse page which is linked in the right sidebar.  For those leaving questions on the blog in the comments section, please direct them to my email above.  I need all communication in one place in the email, otherwise everything gets out of order and I can’t find conversations I’m having with people.

Happy Winter!  It has certainly hit us hard this week and I’m looking forward to warmer days as soon as possible!! (native California girl here who doesn’t love the cold of winter!!)


Blenheim, Golden, and Black Puppies Available

Hey Everyone!

Here is a brand new video of the Jesse pups that are available now.

I also want to post a quick photo of the two remaining pups in the Justyne litter that have not been matched to their forever homes. These two pups will be ready to leave at the end of this week.

All of these pups are available both to those on our waiting list and people that are not on the waiting list.

If you are interested, please send an email to:

Thank you.

Available Puppies

Hey Everyone!

I just want to be sure people know that we have puppies available that are ready to go home!

Please check out the Jesse litter page for the most recent 8 week old video taken yesterday in our fresh snow. A boy and a girl are still looking for their forever homes!!

You do not need to be on the waiting list for these two puppies! Please send any questions to our email at

What I Know

Hello Cavachon Family!

Things are very busy around here and puppies have begun to go home!  I’ll do another blog post next showing the puppies and their new families, but first, let’s talk about the waiting list and what I know about how things are progressing with puppy selection.

Fasten your seatbelt because this next paragraph is long and so full of information you’ll feel dizzy after reading it!  I was dizzy writing it after I’ve been living it for the past couple weeks!!

We’ve reached a point where we’ll probably need to sit for a bit and let puppies get older.  What I know is this:

Deb is considering either of the Chantel sable girls, or she might wait till summer.  She’s still deciding.

Rosalie is waiting for a Tri or Black/Tan pup, and sadly we didn’t have any of those colors born during this batch of puppies.

Lili has postponed her puppy adoption until 2019, so while she will stay on the waiting list, she will not be in the mix until the next calendar year.

Laurie was matched to the sable/white female from Sophia.

I have not been able to get in touch with Rachel F, so I don’t know what exactly is happening with her puppy adoption plans at this time.

Nicole R is waiting till after June.

Lana chose the Justyne dark golden/red male puppy.

Tracey chose the black/white Abbey female.

Michael A is waiting for a Tri colored puppy.

Cindy E chose the Justyne sable/white female.

Kelsey is not read yet for a puppy so will remain on the waiting list.

Amy U is still deciding between the Pearlie solid sable male, sable/white female, or the Sophia solid sable male.  I’m hoping to hear back from her soon!

Lisa S & Mac are waiting for a Tri female.

Adam S won’t be ready till at least May.

Mary & Ed chose the Chantel blenheim female.

David L will be ready after April 1st.

Claudia chose the Kenzie golden female and will be flying in to pick her up this Monday.

Derek M chose the solid sable Justyne male pup.

Hannah & Carson want a tri or black/white pup and will wait for future litters.

Trudy H is pretty sure she wants the sable/white female pup from Abbey and I’m waiting on her final decision.

Lily W wants a blenheim that is mostly white so will wait to see what other litters are born in the future.

Colleen & Joe chose the sable/white Justyne male puppy.

Sara J is waiting to see what Deb and Amy U decide, and then she will be able to decide on her puppy.

Lauren M wants a brother and sister duo from Sophia and it’s her turn to choose!

Kate U chose the Jesse large female with more white.

Peter M wants an accelerated blenheim pup ready in May/June

Tami P has been communicating closely with me and is also waiting on some decisions above before she can make her final decision.

David Y flew in today and picked up his Kenzie blenheim female.

Debra is coming Sunday to get her Kenzie white female.

Krista J wants a dark puppy after April 1st.

Julie F wants a small female, calm, and a sweet personality.

And after that, we have some brand new deposits from Mariella C, Elaine M, Mike C, Amar D (who is matched to a Jesse male puppy with more white), Sharon L, and Rhodetta.  And there are a few more that have said they are sending deposits.  Now, is that a lot of activity or what??!!

As you can see, the waiting list is complex, takes time, and sometimes frustrating if everyone ahead of you takes your favorite puppies.  But I can assure you that there are always more puppies coming, and a perfect match will happen with patience!

For those not on the waiting list above, we have more puppies than people right now, so you can literally swoop in with a deposit and get a puppy without waiting the normal 4-12 months.  You’ll need to be flexible about color and gender, but every Cavachon is a good choice!

Puppies that are ready immediately are the two puppies from the Jesse litter, both the male and female that have more color on them.  These puppies are super friendly and can go home starting next week!

Let me know if you have any questions, but please send them to my email at  I cannot manage keeping up with so many social media outlets for questions, so I ask that you correspond via email to help me not miss any information.

Have a fantastic weekend wherever you are!


Who Wants a Blenheim Puppy?

Hey Everyone!

Today I want to focus on the blenheim puppies that we have available at Silver Paw Cavachons.  I especially want to call out to #4 Rachel, and #17 Lily since you both have specified that you are interested in a blenheim colored puppy.  I’ve heard from #22 Kate and know exactly what her 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices are so I’m wanting to get some details from Rachel and Lily!

We have 4 blenheim females and 4 blenheim males from our current litters.  The Jesse litter, which are the oldest ones has 2 females and 2 males.  As I’ve mentioned in the videos, these puppies are going to be a definite 15-20 lbs and probably toward the mid to higher end of that estimate.

The other litters that have a blenheim female are Pearlie and Chantel.  Each litter now has a page on this blog with photos and/or videos showing the puppies as they’re growing in size.  You can simply click on the mother’s name in the green column on the right to see each litter.  When I pull my blog up on my iPhone I have to scroll down to the bottom and then the information in the sidebars is there.

I specifically would like to know if anyone wanting a blenheim puppy is interested in the Jesse girls or boys.  If you are, please send me an email.  If you’re not, please also let me know that you are a pass on the Jesse litter.  If you have been in communication with me about other colors, you don’t need to let me know you’re a pass on this litter.

I’d also be open to talking with people not on the waiting list, or those that have deposits en route.  The Jesse pups can go home next week and we’d like to see them head that way on time if possible.

I’m still trying to upload the video I took of them yesterday but slow internet has been our plague at every house we’ve ever lived in.  I plan to head to my school today and use the internet there, so check back later today on the Jesse page for new video content.

As you’ll hear in the video, this litter is the happiest, most playful, fun loving quartet of golden/white fur, and they always make me smile when I watch them.  By tomorrow noon, I will be moving forward with the list and matching puppies to #22 Kate and anyone else that inquires about them from this blog post.

Thank you again for all your support and to everyone on the waiting list that has been communicating quickly and clearly with me regarding all of their puppy choices and needs.

Crashed out after all the play in the video!!

Individual Litter Pages

Hey everyone!

I think it’s a bit challenging to try and follow what is available via Facebook since the feed is always moving, so I’m going back to my old ways of having a page for each litter here on the website.  You can find each litter page by clicking on the names of the mother dogs in the right sidebar of the blog.  We will try to update the photos and/or videos weekly of each litter as they are growing.

Today I hope to add the new video I did of the Jesse litter and I also am planning to do a new Pearlie litter video as well as add the photo of Sophia’s litter at 1 week old.  I’m happy to say that all of the puppies have finally been born so it will get a little easier to keep track of what is still available and what has been matched to families on the waiting list.

Let me know if you have any questions about how this all works.  We are focusing this week on the Jesse litter since they are turning 7 weeks old in a few days.  I’ll also try to keep the sidebar updated with the waiting list.

Waiting List 2-1-18

Updating this list is an ongoing process. As of yesterday, these are the deposits I have in hand. If yours is in the mail I have you penciled in.

I am currently working with Cindy #10.

Kelsey is waiting and not able to get a puppy at this time and Amy U. will be next. From what I know, she wants a boy so I can also start talking to Lisa S & Mac regarding a female. Adam and Mary & Ed will be soon after and David is a pass on these current pups. I’ve also been in close communication with Claudia and today will determine her decision. I’d like to hear from Derek M. as I don’t have any details regarding preferences. I have reached out via email to everyone through #21 so please respond as soon as you can and thank you to those that have already done so!

Regarding the Kenzie litter, the black male is selected. The golden female is selected (though we are waiting to see which family she will go to and will know by today). The blenheim female and the white female are still available and I have 2 families with deposits coming that have expressed strong interest in these two puppies. I’d like to finalize their placement today if possible.

Blenheim female

White female

There are a few more photos on FB and video too. We are Silver Paw Cavachons on FB.

I’m hoping to create a blog page for each litter where I can add the photo and video updates as they grow. I have to get on my computer to make this happen and have carved out some time this afternoon to work on it.

The puppy selection process is always very complex and time consuming. We have a lot of puppies and a lot of people and I am doing my best to answer questions and provide the needed videos and photos to aid in the selection process.

I am off work for 4 days including today so I want to get as far down the list as I possibly can during my break.

Thanks again for your support!