Waiting List and Paisley Pups

Hi Everyone!

Happy summer to all of you and hopefully our weather will get the memo soon. We had to build a fire in our wood stove yesterday because it’s just plain cold here still!!

In spite of the chill, things are moving forward nicely and here is a quick update of our waiting list and expected puppies.

These are the deposits we have in hand and I believe there are one or two more that are probably on the way. If you don’t see your name and you have sent your deposit, kindly check in with us so I can make sure I haven’t misplaced it or failed to write it down.

We currently have the Paisley litter, 2 pups, a blenheim female and a golden/red male.

She is slightly bigger than him.

They both have the most perfect little faces and markings.

I am ready to take names for these two pups. If you have any interest at all, please let me know so I can put your name down. At 5 weeks I will contact those names in waiting list order to match the puppies.

As for other litters, Annie, one of our largest Bichons is pregnant and looking very round. Sadie is also pregnant, big as a barn, and due Thursday. She was bred to Charlie, a black/tan Cavachon, so her puppies will be F1b, which simply means their coats will be a little curlier than a typical Cavachon. It’s not much, but enough that I’ve fallen in love with the look and will probably do several litters a year with Charlie and Scarlett being bred to Bichons.

We also have our eye on one more mom in the kennel but she has not been moved to the nursery yet.

The two last Scarlett pups will be going home during June and Toby has a family coming to look at him this weekend.

In other farm news we are picking strawberries from the garden and enjoying them every morning! We can’t wait for all the other berries and the tomatoes to get ripe. Our garden is small this year because I need to clean out the barn. Boxes from 2007 have yet to be unpacked. Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone!

7 responses to “Waiting List and Paisley Pups

  1. Where are you located. Woukd be very interested inn a female puppy !!!!!! Thanks

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. We would be interested in the Blenheim female. Based on her parents and current weight, do you have any idea how large she may end up being?

    Thanks, Sharmon Votteler Cell 512-799-4058


  3. Hi this is Heather Curto. I would be interested in the female 🙂 I’m changing it up on you with what I had communicated interest in. I know I’m 15 in the list so it probably won’t happen but I’m looking forward to your other puppies to be born here soon also! Thanks and have a great day ! Heather Sent from Heathers iPhone


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