Wild Life with the Crock Pot

Ok, am I allowed to ramble a bit? One of my favorite activities is to frequent blogs by other women and get a glimpse into the reality of their lives. I often find myself laughing and identifying with their stories, feeling comforted in knowing that I am not alone in this journey.

I had such an experience this morning while visiting “Wild Life in the Woods”. It was a simple post about Crock Pots, but one part has profoundly stuck with me. This probably wasn’t the main point of her post, and now, I’m even wondering if this is really what she said, but it is what has been churning around in my mind this entire morning!

It was the part where she talked about the wonders of the crock pot, which would allow the home school mother to throw the ingredients into it, and then snuggle down with her children, reading wonderful stories to them, giving them an education that far surpasses that of the public school, all the while maintaining total control of the meal issue. Home schooling is a full time job, after all, and since when does the mom have time to actually cook something?

But I’m so glad that she clarified the truth…that picture of angel children listening to stories, and an even more angelic mother who is completely in control, food cooking, while acting as supreme teacher..…it’s an illusion!


You mean, its perfectly normal for the mother to struggle to get all the home schooling done, AND make meals?

Is that what she said?

Did I read it wrong?

I hope not, because I am still currently in the trenches of home schooling, with a 10 year old and 14 year old at home, and I have yet to have a perfectly organized day where everything gets accomplished…school, household chores, and meals. I feel a sense of relief. I really do hope that is what she said, besides pointing out that a crock pot kills the food anyway.

My kids are getting educated. We are eating…most of the time.

And…I like my crock pot…for Christmastime when I heat apple cider, oranges and cloves to make the house smell good!

14 year old

10year old

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