A Closer Look at Annie’s Blenheim Puppies

Today these babies are 9 weeks old.   At least two of them are going home tomorrow.  They will all be living in Western WA state.  They are like soda cup sizes – small, medium, & large!!


From left to right: “small” the male with the kiss spot on his head, who is going home to Beth…”medium”, the female with the darker ears, who is going home to Vicki, and “large”, the blenheim boy without the kiss spot, who is going home to Colleen!   All three puppies are friendly, playful, and full of energy!


Beth’s pup


Vicki’s pup


Colleen’s pup


Collen & Vicki’s pups


Colleen & Beth’s pups


Whew, this modeling is hard work.  Colleen’s pup takes the first nap, amid the photo shoot!


Then Vicki’s pup followed suit…


Then they all took a nap.


Then they all woke up again…


Beth’s pup checks out Calvin barking across the yard…


Beth & Vicki’s pups try hard to keep smiling and stay focused.  Sounds like my children!

It’s sure going to be quiet around here tomorrow when only the tri pups from Annie’s litter are in the pen.  What will they do with all the extra space??

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