Krystle’s Black Female Has A Home

I am so happy that this little black girlie has found a forever home! She’s not ready to go home quite yet, but when she does, I know she will be well loved!

A little over a year ago, a family came to me wanting to get a pup into Hawaii! Since Hawaii has VERY strict rules about dogs, this ventured required quite a time committment, but B was willing to keep the pup, train it, get all the proper shots done here on the mainland, and finally, after around 8-9 months, the puppy was able to go home to B’s mother in Hawaii. So we have a wonderful little Cavachon in Hawaii, as a result of all B’s efforts!

Well, sending the pup off, while that was the original plan and purpose, left a hole in B’s home, so she’s decided that another pup, one for her and her family to keep, is in order! Even though they’re in the middle of moving, they’ve decided that Krystle’s black female is the pup for them, so sometime in September, this little treasure will be going home to a family that has already raised one Cavachon successfully! I’m so happy!


Black dogs are always very difficult to photograph. They either look pale and washed out, or they are so dark you can’t see their eyes. I haven’t learned the secrets and tricks of photographing a black dog yet, so when I get a picture, where you can actually see the puppy’s eyes, it’s a keeper, even if my foot is in it.


This puppy is full of adventure! She didn’t mind meeting Princess at all, and just let her sniff and sniff all she wanted!


I decided to put her in the flower pot. I thought the purple flowers might be a nice contrast to her black coat!


I guess it worked, sort of!

I’m happy to be working with B again, and know this puppy is going to a wonderful home!!


Photo Credit:  The younger son

Tilly’s Malshi Male

Here is the first look at Tilly’s Malshi male.  There is just one pup in this litter and he is one of the most laid back puppies I’ve ever seen.  He let’s us hold him on his back, and he doesn’t squirm a bit or make any squealing sounds!   He already enjoys belly rubs and he’s just 3 weeks old today.


He’s very attentive to the camera!



He has a nice patch of brown on his left side.



And his right side is snowy white!



He laid so nicely on his back while I got a close-up of his face.  See his tan points?



Those are going to be so cute as he gets bigger!



He has a big patch of brown over his left eye, and a little patch of brown over his right eye.



When he grows up, his hair will be so fluffy, it will be hard to tell that one patch is bigger than the other. 

As of my posting these photos, this puppy is still available for adoption.  A deposit of $200 will hold him until he’s old enough to go home!  He’s gonna be a cutie!!



A Closer Look at Annie’s Blenheim Puppies

Today these babies are 9 weeks old.   At least two of them are going home tomorrow.  They will all be living in Western WA state.  They are like soda cup sizes – small, medium, & large!!


From left to right: “small” the male with the kiss spot on his head, who is going home to Beth…”medium”, the female with the darker ears, who is going home to Vicki, and “large”, the blenheim boy without the kiss spot, who is going home to Colleen!   All three puppies are friendly, playful, and full of energy!


Beth’s pup


Vicki’s pup


Colleen’s pup


Collen & Vicki’s pups


Colleen & Beth’s pups


Whew, this modeling is hard work.  Colleen’s pup takes the first nap, amid the photo shoot!


Then Vicki’s pup followed suit…


Then they all took a nap.


Then they all woke up again…


Beth’s pup checks out Calvin barking across the yard…


Beth & Vicki’s pups try hard to keep smiling and stay focused.  Sounds like my children!

It’s sure going to be quiet around here tomorrow when only the tri pups from Annie’s litter are in the pen.  What will they do with all the extra space??