It’s About Time

I have thought about doing this for a long time.  But I just couldn’t bring myself to the place of buying the blue bags with the white lettering.  I just couldn’t.  I’ve seen other bags, but they’ve either been too gaudy, or too plain, or too light, or just simply too stinkin’ ugly.    So I kept putting it off. 

Maybe next time…

Maybe some day…

But when I saw these, I knew I had found something I could live with. 


Aren’t they purdy?? 


They’re even made from recycled plastic bottles.  How’s that for thinkin’ about the environment?  Honestly, I’m not a green freak.  I’m careful about some things, but I guess I don’t go out of my way.  The real reason I wanted re-usable grocery bags is because I’m sick of throwing away the plastic ones.  Those things just accumulate like the one sock that didn’t get lost.  There are always too many of them, but you feel kinda bad to throw them away. 

I’m excited to use them for the first time.   Silly, I know, but the very first time they will get used is when I take my kids’ school supplies to the school on Wednesday evening for Parent Orientation Night.  This is a BIG DEAL, as my children are going to actual school, for the first time in their lives.  Yep, the applications have all been filled out, the school uniforms are being ordered, and my children are going to school next Monday.


Here are all their supplies neatly packed in the re-usable grocery bags.  I wonder if I’ll be sad or glad?  I never had to send a Kindergarten age child to school.  Maybe it’s a little different when they’re 14 & 11 years old.  I hope so!  It’d look pretty bad if I had tears rolling down my face!


The truth is, it was tons of fun to buy school supplies.  I chose  green notebooks and folders for my younger son.  He wasn’t with us in town that day, but I thought I better get things before they were all picked through.  Since green is his signature color, and it also had a bit of an “army’ look to it, I thought it was a good fit.  It has a great message too.  Kinda goes along with the theme of this post, the recycling and all.


The Horse Girl wanted something “cool”, so she chose the bright and colorful Peace notebook.   There were even matching tabs for inside the notebook.  I think I was having more fun than she was.  I think she’s a little worried about what “real” school will be like.

I think they’re going to like school.  And I think I’m going to like having them in school.  Now, what will I do with all that time during my day??  Certainly I’ll have to spend some of it filling my new shopping bags while I’m in town.  I wonder how many Bully Sticks will fit in each bag?!