Available ShihTzu Puppies

These adorable babies are all still available. They’re all coming along beautifully, using the UGODOG with pretty good accuracy and consistently, and they’ve had two immunization shots. They are just loving and playful and waiting for their forever homes.

We Left Our Cats in California

When we moved to Washington, we did not bring the cats with us.  They were nothing but trouble with the dogs, and we didn’t want any trouble!

But shortly after we arrived, and after one weekend of fun away from the house, we returned to find a mama and 2 wild kittens in our wood pile.  My daughter, being  just 10 years old at the time, caught the kittens and made them friendly.

Suddenly we had 3 cats, when we didn’t want any cats.

Those 3 cats have multiplied, several times, and I don’t know how many cats we own.

I do know that we own more dogs than cats.

This is Cali.


She is our #1 barn cat.  We like her.  She’s the mama from the wood pile.  We got her spayed.


She is cuddly and loving and affectionate and spayed!  Sometimes she comes up from the barn and visits us on the front porch. 

We like that!  She likes to be scratched behind the ears, and she purrs for us!

And she’s spayed.  Did I say that already?


She is a typical cat, lazy, sleeps the day away, and today she decided to take over the puppy photo area.  She was sleeping peacefully until I came with a basket of puppies.  Then she had to get up, or be mauled by tongues, and bodies, and feet, and wagging tails.



She wasn’t all that pleased.  She’s so thankless.  “We do feed you, ya know.  There are a lot of barn cats that only get mice.  You get real food out of a bag.  You should be grateful.”

“Why did you name her Cali?”  Because she’s a Calico Cat. 

We’re creative with our cat names.   We also have Black Kitty, Gray Kitty, Orange Kitty Tom, Orange Kitty Mama, and a few un-named ones.  They hardly ever come to see us, so I may, or may not ever be able to show them to you.