Krystle’s Black Female Cavachon

Krystle’s pup is just one day younger than Chocolate Boy! I can’t wait to put them together when they’re both weaned. They will teach each other how to have litter mates

This little girl is going to be on the larger side between 18-22 lbs. She is an outgoing puppy already, wagging her tail energetically whenever she sees any of us.

She is very sweet and loving as well and likes to be held. As of this posting, she is available for deposit!


Do not base the “cuteness” factor on this photo.  Black puppies are extremely difficult to photograph because they either look washed out, or you can’t see their eyes because they look so dark. 

This is an absolutely darling little girl with a personality to match!  If you are looking for a larger female pup, and a winning personality, and you don’t mind a black dog, this is the puppy for you!  She will not disappoint!