We Have A Winner!!! Lupine Giveaway

Pam Rogers!

You are the winner of the Lupine giveaway on my new website/blog!

I used Random.org to generate the list of 32 entries and they randomly selected a winner, and you are it!! (I know I said I’d do it live, with names in a hat, on video, but my internet is too slow to load a video right now, and I also learned there are specific rules surrounding giveaways, so I had to use random.org)

You have 24 hours to let me know which Lupine pattern you would like. I need to know the following:

1. Pattern Name & width (1/2, 3/4, etc….some patterns come in 2 sizes)
2. Size of collar
3. Length of lead (4 ft or 6 ft)
4. Type of harness and size

I also need your address so I can have Lupine drop ship the items to you!! You can send that information via email at silverpawkennels@wildblue.net!

Thank you for subscribing to my website/blog, and supporting Silver Paw Kennels with your wonderful photos and updates on your pooch!

And thank you to everyone that participated in this giveaway! There will be more to come! Kristy & puppies

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