I took the Accelerated Puppies (in training) on a walk this morning. They loved every minute of it. They’re learning to stay behind me, they really are, and we managed to go all the way up the hill this morning without me getting tangled in the four 6 ft leads.

This is an improvement, yes it is!!

When we returned, I hooked them all to the tow hitch while I went and fed the chickens.  If someone doesn’t feed the chickens first thing in the morning, they will fly over their pen and invade our yard, porch, and hay barn, leaving lovely piles of poop all over the place. 

It’s the 11 year old’s job to feed the chickens.  I guess I should have hauled him out of bed this morning!   Anyway…..

When the puppies come back from their walk, they look somewhat bedraggled.  I’m not dragging them or anything, at least not anymore, but they definitely don’t have that city slicker, clean and trim look to them.


They are “Wholesome Country Puppies” after all, and they have to look that country part, at least for a while in their life.  I imagine that these four babies will be suburban pets, with daily walks and weekly romps to the dog park.  Or they might be apartment pooches, with regular grooming appointments and bows in their hair.  I think a couple of them will be jet setters, with a fashionable airline travel bag they call home, that fits under the seat perfectly several times a year!


But for now, while they are learning their manners, and learning how to sleep through the night in the crate, and learning how to potty OUTSIDE and not in their crate, they have that kinda dusty, country look to them.  Do you think they care? 

Nope!!  Not one bit! 

They were just happy to take a walk with me this morning.  Two of them dutifully did their business during the walk.  Good doggies!  Be consistent about that and you’ll be able to go home soon!


Princess didn’t come on the walk this morning, but she was there to greet us when we returned.  She wants us to be sure and know she is still the “cute” one around here.    Don’t worry girlie, we still love you with all our hearts!!

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