Roxy Girl Found a Home and Updates

Hello to everyone!

It has been so long since I’ve posted but that should change now that I’ve finally got some backend things figured out with my blog. After hours on the phone with WordPress, going round and round in circles trying to resolve an issue that was making it very inconvenient for me to manage both this dog blog and my personal blog at Grace Without Tears, I finally found my hero customer service rep (the 4th one I had spoken with since August 4) who was able to resolve the problem and fix the issue. I literally had tears in my eyes because my inability to post regularly was weighing heavy on my heart because communication is the backbone of this business. My goal is to get back to posting here on the blog regularly with updates, photos, and videos of everything happening here at Silver Paw Cavachons!

We had a very busy summer and are now having a fairly quiet fall. But we do have one puppy ready to go home as well as a young litter that will be ready to go home in January, and a new pregnant mom in the nursery.

Several of you have emailed me about the last golden girl and I’m happy to tell everyone that she did find her forever home.

We are now looking to place this golden male puppy from the Pearlie litter that was born in July.

He has almost had a couple different homes but alas, he is still here waiting for just the right family. We are currently crate training him and he is hanging out with us in the house whenever someone is home. He is small and just over 5 lbs at almost 5 months old. He should be from 8-12 lbs as an adult.

He is ready to go anytime and we’d love to put him on a plane Friday if there is someone ready for a new puppy.

I also want to let everyone know about the newest litter that will be ready in January. There are 2 pups, both sable & white, one boy and one girl. I’ll post pictures of them in the next couple of days.

Coming in early spring/late winter should be a litter from Justyne and Rocky. I just brought her into the nursery and expect that she’ll have puppies sometime this month.

Please let me know if you have any interest in any of the puppies I’ve talked about. Right now I’d like to hear from those on the waiting list.

My next post will be pictures of the newest litter and an updated photo of the waiting list.

Justyne Litter Puppy Selection

Hello Everyone on the Waiting List!

It’s time to begin puppy selection.  Right now we are showcasing the Justyne puppies.  They are 6 weeks old and will be ready to go to their new homes in 2 weeks.  I want to hear from everyone that is interested in this litter.  We have one family deciding between the sable/white male and the solid sable female and/or if they are even ready to get a puppy right now.  This means it’s possible that all 3 puppies could be available to those on the waiting list.  I’ll know by this evening and update the blog.

Head on over to our Facebook page to see the newest videos of these three puppies.

I’d love for everyone on the list to check in with me ASAP!  We will be showing the Pearlie puppies and the Allie puppies later this week as they are both turning 6 weeks old this week as well.  I want to line up where the puppies are going as soon as possible so we can start looking at travel plans and coordinating the departure of each of these litters.

Let me know if you have any questions.

For those not on the waiting list yet, send an email to to inquire about our puppies or to get on the waiting list.  It is a great time right now because we have enough puppies for everyone currently on the list plus a few more!


Puppies Heading Home!!

Summer is in full swing and the last pups from the spring litters are heading home now. 

I love meeting the families and seeing the moment when they first see their puppies!  It’s fun to see how the puppies react as well. 

Here are the most recent puppies that have gone home!

This munchkin “Snickers” flew with his family to the Bay Area today.  He was giving me the side eye while we were driving in my hot car to the airport today. He was a surprise for the 12 year old daughter, and the video they shared brought me to tears. I hope I can figure out how to post it here because it’s priceless!!

This pup also went home today. His family came down from Canada and I think he’s going to be a perfect fit for all those teen boys. He is a bundle of personality and I think he will keep everyone on their toes!

These two puppies went to Montana and I was able to hand deliver them!!  

I trust things are going well for everyone!  We have 4 more puppies here that will he going home in the coming weeks. 

We also have 2 new litter and more pregnant mamas, so now is an excellent time to get on the waiting list!!

Send us an email at for info about our puppies!!

Baxter Goes Home

This morning, this rambunctious, fun loving, clown of a puppy headed on a big trip to his forever home!

He started off wondering about this crate thing!

But he arrived safely and was welcomed into loving arms!!

Everyone got a turn to snuggle and love on him!

I’d say he looks pretty content with his new life!

The family is in love. I’m sure Baxter is too!!

“Asher” Goes Home

My daughter goes to school with a boy named Asher. Today I learned the meaning of the name. Knowing that this cute puppy has received a name with so much thought warms my heart. 

Asher means – happy, fortunate, blessed!  It is perfect weather out today so when J and hubby came to get their pup, we were able to just sit in the shade and visit for quite some time. It was quite clear that this puppy was heading to a loving home where she would be happy and blessed!

Meeting my dog buyers brings me great joy!  It makes it easier to part with the babies knowing they are going to fabulous homes!

1. Scarlet’s puppies have all been matched to forever families and they will start going home in 3 weeks. 

2. We have 4 pregnant moms in the nursery. My summer is going to soon explode with cuteness. I can’t wait!

3. We have a 5 1/2 month old male Bichon that needs a forever home. Pictures coming in another blog post!