Puppy Selection Missy Litter

Hi Everyone!

It’s time to match the Missy puppies. There are seven puppies in this litter and they will be ready for new homes the week before Christmas!

We are traveling to CA during that week and would be happy to provide puppy nanny service if needed.

They are four weeks old right now and starting to interact with each other. i expect them to range from 16-22 lbs as adults.

Please reach out via email if you’re interested. I’ll be calling my litter list after thanksgiving to talk about potential matches. Feel free to email me as well. silverpawcavachons@gmail.com

Blenheim Girls
Solid Sable Girl (already matched), Golden Girl
Black & White boy, Blenheim Boy
These are just two boys in this litter

More photos and a video on our Instagram page Silver Paw Cavachons.

Putting Out Some Feelers

Hi Everyone,

Things are winding down here for puppies, but I wanted to let everyone know what our plans are for December and potential puppy delivery.

We are available for puppy nanny service to CA, both driving and flying. This means we will be passing through Oregon and maybe even western WA on our way down. The plan would be for Daryl to drive down I-5 or (Hwy 97 through Oregon) and deliver puppies along the way, the week of December 19-22. He could also hit Hwy 99 in CA depending on where people live. Dates would need to be somewhat flexible while we sort everything out. We’ve done this before and met people along the way as needed.

I will be flying to Ontario, CA on December 15 and will have space in the cabin for up to four puppies. One space is already taken, so really room for just three more puppies. I’ll be arriving in the evening and would ask people to meet me at the airport.

There will be delivery fees for these services but I’m certain it will be cheaper than flying to us the week before Christmas (though you’re welcome to do that as our adult sons will be home holding down the fort, and available for puppy pickup at our home)!!

We have two litters that will be ready at that time, two blenheim females from Emily and seven pups from Mercedes. I will be doing a photo session with them all tomorrow so everyone can see how they are growing. They are currently four weeks old this week. There are males and females available.

This post is specifically to see if there are people that might take advantage of our travel plans, or who would like to get on the litter lists for these puppies.

We have these five people on the specific litter lists for these nine puppies. They will be matched in this order:

1. Dawana B, CA,-SS F-already matched

2. Janet R, CA

3. Jackie M, CA

4. Melissa P, FL

5. Jasmin A or Z?, who is local to our area in WA

This travel opportunity is totally wide open. We are putting out feelers to see if there is enough interest for my husband to make the drive. I’m flying no matter what.

Please reach out by emailing us at silverpawcavachons@gmail.com if you’d like to get a puppy and discuss travel.

Of course, you don’t have to live in WA, OR, or CA to get a puppy, and you’re more than welcome to come to us.

We would love to see all the puppies matched before Christmas if possible, but as I said, our sons will be home to take care of any puppies until they find their forever homes.

Can’t wait to hear from everyone!!

Try Again!

Hey Everyone,

A TON of you have sent me pictures for my planner. I wont be able to use them all, but wow!!

If you left a comment on the blog and a photo, they do not come through. I’ve gotten a bunch of messages that look like this.

I‘d love to get the actual photos. Maybe texting would be easier? Tell me who you are (texts just show the phone number) and who the parents are of your dog, if you remember.


Cleaning Up the Waiting List…Again

Last June I tried to reach out to everyone on the waiting list to see about your puppy plans. I heard back from a LOT of people and it was very helpful to know how to plan. Thank you!! It is my goal to reach out and check in every six months or so to be sure the waiting list is active and alive!

Here is the current waiting list. If your name has a “?”, it’s because I tried to reach out to you vía email or text message last June and have never heard back, or I can’t find any way to contact you. I will be removing all names with a “?” at the end of December 2022 if I do not hear from you before the year ends.

This has been a continual challenge and I’m very sorry to do this, but my waiting list looks overwhelming to new people and I need just those people that definitely want a future puppy to fill up spaces on the list.

If you’re not sure when you’ll get a puppy and you want to keep your place, that’s still ok, but we just need to talk so I can add some notes about your timeline in my records.

If your name has a “*”, it means we connected last June and you’re still actively waiting for the right pup or the right time to get a pup.

If your name has both a ? and a *, we need to talk.

We currently have 13 available puppies from the Mimi, Emily, and Missy litters (SS F is already matched). It would be fantastic to match many of them to all of you on the waiting list. I will publish the waiting list a few times a year. You can also always reach out and ask what your number is at any time.

Official Waiting List

  1. Roxanne Harpster*
  2. Kelly Johnson?
  3. Melody Boardman* 
  4. ChrisRon Smith?
  5. Daryl Kathy B?
  6. Debra Paxton?
  7. Chris Dickman?
  8. Sierra Adibi?
  9. Lauren Halberg*
  10. Dennis Dobson*
  11. Priscilla Noble*
  12. Priscilla Noble*
  13. Desiree Ohrbeck*
  14. DavidKatie G?
  15. Jen F?
  16. Marilyn Kautzner*
  17. Judy Donovan?
  18. Brook McIntyre?
  19. Robin Maisel?
  20. Mike Sawiki*
  21. Anna Gillespie*
  22. Terri Runquist*
  23. Cathy Windsheimer*
  24. Cameron Hill*
  25. Tawna  Riley*
  26. Jeong Ihn?*
  27. Nancy Lambert*
  28. Jeralyn Haney?
  29. Helen Greg Torres?
  30. Malia Pareki?
  31. Carolyn Sohmer*
  32. Andrea Hata?
  33. Linda Haberlach*
  34. Todd Williams*
  35. Sandra FGeorge Toulouse*
  36. Karina Dsouza?
  37. Richard Mattish*
  38. Mary Lynn Young?
  39. Kristin Pritcher*
  40. Mary Anne Moreno Lorenz?
  41. Anne Marie Bammert?
  42. Olga Stiekhartcova?
  43. Carmen Godinez* 
  44. Brittany Hill?
  45. Mamie Bass?
  46. Sabrina Hill?
  47. Christina Salazar Romo?
  48. Sophia Khieuson*
  49. Renae Oswald*
  50. Tina Cauley*
  51. Ronni Whetsell*
  52. Jodi McKeeman?
  53. Susanne Hartsock*
  54. Jeanette Ramberg*
  55. Gwen Ahart?
  56. Daffodil Alinson*
  57. Michelle Craig*
  58. Janet Dave Ryden*
  59. Karen Apgar*
  60. Leah Fite*
  61. Anita Armour*
  62. Maura Sullivan*
  63. Jackie Moriarty*
  64. Jeanne Hartman*
  65. Melissa Preston*
  66. Heidi Bondarenko*
  67. Cora Valentine*

If you’ve sent the waiting list fee and you don’t see your name, please let me know. I appreciate all of you and your patience while you wait for a puppy. We are definitely taking a three month break starting in January 2023. Our plan is to put our males and females back together mid December so we will have spring and summer 2023 puppies. 😊🐶💕

Recent CA visit with my mom ❤️!

Send Me Photos!

Hi Everyone,

I’m getting ready to order my dog planner for 2023 and I need 18 photos! This is the planner cover I’m choosing and I’d like to replace all these square blocks of color with dog photos!

Email me your best pictures of your Silver Paws and I’ll choose 18 of them to be on my planner cover!



I cannot stress this enough. I’m not yelling. I just want people to understand how important this is. I receive dozens of emails and more, especially when I’ve posted available puppies. Communication gets very complicated when some people use email, others text, and still others leave comments on FB, message me on FB, or message me on IG. I CANNOT keep up with all the avenues of communication, 100% things get lost in FB comments, and I ask that you please use email to reach out to me.

You have to open a new email and type this in the address bar:


Please do the following when you reach out (and again, I’m not yelling, just trying to stress the importance!!…




I’ve already lost some communication about the black/tan male (so far the most popular puppy) from someone who maybe texted, left a blog comment, or maybe a FB message???? that person is NOT yet added to the litter list for this pup because i can’t find where they reached out. I NEED all puppy selection communication to he via email ONLY!!

Thanks for your cooperation!!

Last Puppies Until Spring/Summer

Hi Everyone!

On September 16, we decided to take a small break from breeding Cavachons for a few months. We knew some dogs had already been bred so we’ve been waiting for them all to be born, and I’m happy to announce that they are all here!

This post is going to share all of the puppies and let you know when they are ready to go home. There are three litters and a total of 14 puppies, nine girls and five boys.

I’m starting puppy selection November 13th for ALL THREE LITTERS since they are ready right before Christmas and puppy travel can be tricky over the holidays and during the winter months.

There is a very good chance I will be available to puppy nanny up to six puppies to Ontario, CA, around December 28 or 29 so I want to get the conversation started.


Mimi is a small Bichon and Duke is an average size black/tan Cavalier. This is an F1 litter. They were born October 11, and there are two gold females, one blenheim male, and a black/tan male. I expect this litter to be 15-20lbs as adults. They will be ready to go home December 6-13.


Surprise!! We were not expecting this litter and because she had just two pups, she did not really have a fat belly either. Emily is a blenheim Cavalier and Jester is the Bichon. This is her first litter! Both of these puppies are females. I expect this litter to be 15-20 lbs as adults. They will be ready to go home December 19-25.

5 days old


This is our final litter for 2022 and the last group of puppies before our break. They were born (mostly) October 26 (technically our solid sable sister was born Tuesday, but the rest came sometime early Wednesday morning so they are all getting the Wednesday bday date!).

Missy is a large black/tan Cavalier and Big Boy is a big Bichon. I expect this litter to be in the 17-23 lb range. There are eight puppies in this litter, three blenheim girls, a golden girl, and a solid sable girl (already matched). There are three boys in the litter, two blenheim and one black/white. These puppies will be ready for new homes December 21-27.

3 days old

I am taking names for all three litters. Please be aware that we will not be able to ship any of these puppies alone in cargo due to the cold weather and pet embargoes during the holiday season, so if you plan to get one of these puppies, you will need to either drive or fly into Spokane, WA, or meet me after Christmas in southern CA.

I will do my best to update pictures weekly. They will all be wormed 2-3 times and have their first shot before going home. We will take them all to the vet for a health certificate as well.

Please fill out the Waiting List Request form (https://silverpawcavachons.com/waiting-list-request-form/) if you’d like to be added to a litter list. We will prioritize those families already on our main waiting list according to waiting list number. Please let me know if you have any questions.

We look forward to meeting the 14 special families that get matched with these puppies!!


Second to Last Litter

Hi Everyone,

As some of you may have read, we are planning to take a break from breeding for a few months. We have two last litters, one that was born October 11, and one that is due October 27th.

These litters will be offered to those on our waiting list first, but our litter list will be open to anyone. If you would like to be added to the litter list for the Mimi and Duke puppies (the ones pictured here in this post), please send us an email at silverpawcavachons@gmail.com. Please specify which puppies you would be willing to give a home to and we will add your name for a specific pup or all four!!

This litter will be ready to go home December 6-12 and we are not available to “hold” or accelerate them for Christmas. We need them to go home during those dates, so please double check your timeline before putting your name on the list for this litter.

There are four puppies in the litter. The two golden puppies are females and the black/tan and blenheim puppies are males.

Mimi is doing a beautiful job raising them in our puppy room, right off the kitchen!

I’d like to do puppy selection on time for this litter, when they are five weeks old, so we will accept names for the litter until the second week of November. We will do puppy selection Sunday, November 13 so anyone flying in will have time to book a flight.

These puppies will not be able to ship in cargo due to the cold time of year and holiday season.

Some of you have expressed an interest in our upcoming litters, but I’ll need you to reach out to me via email and specifically request to be on the Mimi litter list, listing any and all puppies that you would consider. Please also provide a current phone number for me to use on puppy selection day.

We look forward to hearing from each of you!

Three More Puppies

Hi Everyone!

Things have been happening and we are getting the Mercedes litter matched. We are down to just three more puppies, the two golden girls and the blenheim boy. They are ready to go any time and they are super friendly and playful. Please reach out if you’re interested!

Golden girls
Golden girl
Golden girl
Blenheim boy
Blenheim boy

He’s Off and Canada News

Well, our Denver puppy, the one intended to go to Denver, is on his way!! He’s the last Penny pup, and boy was this litter a nice one!

I also have Canada news. I have family in Ontario, Canada. My sister-in-law just shared this screen shot with me. It looks like we are all free to travel again. the following are no longer required for travel.

I know I recently had an interested family but COVID protocols were preventing travel. It looks like that is no longer an issue. So I’d like to reach out to my Canadians on the waiting list and let you know we still have four Mercedes puppies available for adoption, two gold females, the blenheim male , and the solid sable female.

We can ship the Mercedes pups to Seattle or Bellingham, or other US airports, but you have to carry the puppy across the border. Is anyone ready for a puppy!??

Kristy 🐶😊💕