All the Names are in Order

Hi Everyone!

I’ve updated all the lists and all the names are now in waiting list order. Have fun analyzing all the data!

Here is the Master Waiting list. If a name is circled, that person has first choice for one of the puppies. Also, be watching carefully to this whole process if you’re 2nd for any puppy. You never know what could happen! And to those in 3rd or 4th, thank you for your patience! While this round doesn’t look as promising, soon you’ll be in the first two spots and your time will come! And, you never know what might happen on this round!

I appreciate all the emails and all of you that have given me your choices. We have a very healthy list of interested families which means all of the puppies will be going to wonderful forever homes!

The Paisley litter will be ready for new homes when I will be out of town so we need to coordinate pickup soon so all the details are in place!

Sadie’s pups have done well with their foster mom Paisley.

Annie’s litter is on their feet now and starting to interact with each other. So cute!

Quick Update

Hi Everyone!

Just a quick update on what is happening around here. We currently have 11 new puppies from 3 litters and we have two pregnant females, Justyne and Kenzie.

I’m hoping to get new videos of the puppies up this week. I expect the new moms to have their babies before the end of the month.

All of the older puppies have gone home and summer has arrived. It’s not exactly HOT, but it is nice and warm and I love the summer here!

I’m pretty sure Toby has a forever home. We are just working out final details.

Our next adult that needs a new home is Sadie. She is an 8 year old female Bichon Frise. Please call for info about her. 509-936-2715.

Happy sunshiny summer!


Update on Posy

Posy, an F1b solid sable Cavachon went home last Sunday. She went from country dog to city dog and it sounds like things are going well. Here is an email from her new owner, plus a photo and video. Enjoy!

Hi Kristy,

Great to meet you in person, and thank you so much for Posy!

We just went to the vet this morning, and all looks well. She’s adapting to the city really well… she doesn’t seemed bothered or scared by all the cars and other loud noises. She’s been really great with other people and dogs (albeit a bit shy with the other dogs at first). She’s a natural on the leash, as she loves to stay close by to me. We have some work to do on training her to enjoy her alone time, as she can get upset if I leave her sight for too long. Potty has been a bit of a challenge, as I don’t have any obvious grass anywhere near my apartment, and she doesn’t seem naturally predisposed to want to go on the makeshift dirty / weedy areas near my place. I’m rewarding her good potties outside, so hopefully she’ll get the hang of it!

Here’s a link to a video of her playing fetch. She picked it up immediately!



Parker Sable/White Pup

Here is an update from Parker’s family! Love seeing how the puppies grow!

Hi Kristy! Here is Parker after his grooming at 6 mos old. We adore him. He is 15.4 lbs. He has faded quite a bit, still has some black on his ears. Best, Colleen & Joe

He’s almost giving us the side eye after his haircut!!

What a handsome boy!!

Waiting List Update 7-1-18

Hi Everyone!

Here is where everything stands right now. This is the current waiting list and all the interest so far with the puppies. Let me know if you’d like to add your name next to any puppies.

Sadie & Finn DOB 6-13-18, ready August 15-21, Accelerated Sept. 19.

Annie & Snoopy DOB 6-20-18, ready Aug. 22-288, Accelerated Sept. 26.

We can take names next to each puppy any time. It doesn’t matter where you are on the list. Please reach out to us if you see a puppy you like.

When a litter is 5 weeks old, I will begin to contact people. As an example, let’s look at the Tri female from Annie’s litter. There are 5 people that have shown an interest in this puppy. If the litter was 5 weeks old, I’d first put the names in waiting list order. It would look like this: 1. Lisa & Mac 2. Elaine M. 3. Lynda C. 4. Melina M. 5. Deb B. I would then contact Lisa & Mac and let them know they are first in line for this puppy. If they say yes, I’m done and I let everyone know they have selected the pup. If they pass, I contact Elaine and see what she wants to do, etc. on down the line.

I don’t have time to email or call every single person on the entire list for every single puppy so that is why I take names of anyone interested and go from there. I also need each of you to reach out to me as I cannot remember all the details of what everyone wants to automatically match you to a type of puppy you’ve described.

I hope this makes the waiting list process a little more clear. This is the most efficient way I’ve found to match puppies and it works the best so far.

Let me know if you have questions but please send your communication via email at

Thanks again for being part of the Silver Paw family!


New Videos of Paisley, Sadie, and Annie pups on Facebook

Paisley Pups, 3 weeks old.

Sadie Pups, 2 weeks old.

Annie Pups, 1 week old.


We are always ready to take names from those on the waiting list. Let us know if you are interested in a particular puppy. We will NOT be contacting you individually to see if you’re interested. We WILL contact you individually after your name is next to a puppy on our list.

Looking forward to hearing from each of you, even if you’re wanting to pass on these current puppies.