Immediate Available Puppies

We have 4 puppies that are available for selection without being on the waiting list. I will post pictures later today. If you’ve emailed me about getting on the waiting list or you are already on the waiting list and you are READY, call me!! Let’s talk about these pups!

Scarlett’s pups are 10 weeks old and can leave immediately. Roxy’s pups are 8.5 weeks old and can leave December 19th.

Would love to see them in their forever homes soon!!

509-936-2715. I’m available today (Friday) after 12pm.

Up To the Minute Info

Hi Everyone!

Here is the latest news about available puppies.

Scarlett’s litter has just 3 puppies left-black/tan girl “Yellow”, black/tan boy “Green”, and Tri boy.

We are currently matching the Roxy pups.

And I want to hear from all of you hoping for Maddie pups.

I’d love for all of the pups to be home by Christmas if possible.

We are not able to ship right now due to airline embargoes on animals. Sometimes we will still ship under very special circumstances, but right now that just isn’t at all possible.

We are looking forward to new litters. We have 2 moms expecting puppies. One is Chantel with Charlie, so an F1b litter like the Roxy pups, and one is an AKC Bichon Frise litter. I’ll let everyone know when puppies are born.

Here is a look at the updated waiting list.

Please get in touch with me if your name is on these lists for the current puppies. I’d like to get the Roxy and Maddie pups matched!!

Scarlett Pups Update

We have 4 Scarlett pups still available. There are two boys and 2 girls. The girls had a recent bath.

Female “Yellow”.

Female “Red”

The boys. “Green” and Tri Boy.

The boys have a smoother coat while the girls are fluffier.

They are all 9 weeks old and ready for their new homes.

It’s also time to match the Roxy and Maddie pups. I’m waiting on one waiting list member to make a decision about the golden girls and then we can move forward with matching them. I’m also needing to do new videos of the litter to finalize the selection process.

Beyond the current puppies, we have 2 pregnant females in the nursery, one with an F1b litter with Charlie, and one with an AKC Bichon Frise litter.

And that should wrap up our 2018. The new pups that are born will be going home in February, 2019.

Scarlett Fluffballs

It’s a dreary and grey Sunday but our kitchen is brimming with available puppies. A few of you have been asking about more photos of the Scarlett pups so here are a few very quick snaps. This is before their bath and these are the ones with curly hair.

This is “Yellow” one of the girls.

This is “Red”, the other girl.

And this is the Blenheim Boy.


I’m loading a quick video of them on FB as well.

I’ll post their “after” pictures in another blog post.

These puppies are ready NOW! They are 8 weeks old, the most loving, gentle, friendly personalities that you can imagine, and they are good healthy, hearty pups that will make wonderful family pets. Please email us if you’re interested. Better yet, just call. 509-936-2715. You do not need to be on the waiting list to take one of these pups.

Can’t wait to hear from you!!!

Another Scarlett Pup Update

I am stunned! This is Dixie Mae Sprinkles. She is from Scarlett’s last litter, which was an F1b litter. Her family just spontaneously sent this update with these photos!

Hi Kristy,

Just looking at precious Dilly and remembering it was only a few months ago we picked up our Scarlett baby, Dixie Mae Sprinkles.

I just wanted to reinforce what wonderful puppies Scarlett produces! Dixie is just an amazing 8 month old, very obedient, tries always to please and just the sweetest, most loving puppy anyone could ask for. She just watches every move we make and gives us that look that says she is trying to understand exactly what we are saying! If anything new is added she notices. It’s pretty amazing, but she inspects everything that is different in her world. We put plastic on the vents around the house and she noticed those and checked each one out! It’s like that with everything, she helps open every package we get, with much excitement! Did I say she is amazing? Everyone is in love with her, especially us.

For those not understanding the color changes, she was a very light sable and white baby and now is mostly all cream aside from a few strands of black on her ears and one strand on her tail!

Love this puppy!!


This was Dixie Mae as a pup.

I think she grew into an absolutely stunning adult!!

Sharon, thank you so much for sharing her photos with me!!!

Dilly – Scarlett Blenheim Female Update

Look at this fabulous email update I just received today from the first Scarlett puppy that went home! What a doll. All of the pups from the litter are going to be like this because Scarlett is our own family pet and her personality is so loving, obedient, and affectionate.

We have 5 more pups from this litter that are ready to go home and we’d love to talk with anyone who might be interested. Two are black/tan girls, and then the boys are Tri color, black/tan, and a blenheim just like the sister shown here.

We also have a possible delivery option to Seattle this Sunday if anyone is ready now!

Here is the update from Dilly’s family.

Hi Kristy,

I just wanted to let you know Scarlett’s female Blenheim is doing wonderful.

We named her Dilly. She is a momma’s girl and she loves to eat, sleep and do lots of playing. Potty training and crate training is going really good too. Dilly is a smart girl.

Thank you for having such sweet pups!

Merry Christmas and happy new year to you and your family!


Lisa, Pete, Kamper & Dilly