Major Waiting List Cleanup

Hi Everyone!

If you’re on our waiting list, this post is especially for you!

We have over 100 names on the list yet I usually only hear from and match puppies to the newest people. This summer I’m cleaning up my list.

I have been texting and emailing many of you on the list (I’m not all the way through yet). I’m finding that a bunch of you have found puppies somewhere else. I’m so happy for you! If you could kindly respond to my text or email and let me know what your plans are moving forward, that will help me a lot!

When brand new people see a waiting list so long, it’s discouraging and they pass me by. If my waiting list is filled with names of people that already have a pup or are no longer interested, it sends a false message.

So I’d like my list to ONLY have people that are still wanting to actually get a puppy!! I’ve emailed or texted through Maria P. I’ll continue to reach out until the very last name.

It will help me a lot if you simply text me your plans. It will save me a lot of time!! be sure to give me your full name in the text. Just a phone number won’t tell me who you are.

I’d like this project completed this week if possible. Thanks so much for your help.


Also, we have two puppies still from the Scarlett litter, the solid sable male and the light blenheim female.

And two more litters ready mid July with possible delivery to northern CA (Sacramento airport).

It’s a busy summer!!

Candid Photos of the Scarlett Litter

Hi Everyone!

The Scarlett puppies are ready to go home. They are 11 weeks old and have their second shot. They are all going to be fabulous dogs and I’m excited to be already talking to six families about matching them.

I’ll let everyone know which one is still available after I talk to everyone today!

There are a bunch of new videos highlighting each puppy on our Facebook page. Be sure to check those out and I will be giving you a call later today. Here is my list!

Enjoy all the photos!

Light Blen Female, Large Blenheim Male , Black Male , Golden Cream Male
Same 4 pups
Same 4 pups
Golden Cream Male
Solid Sable Male
Golden Male, Blenheim Female
Same 2 pups
Black Male
Golden Cream Male, Light Blenheim Female, Blenheim Male
Boys plus the Blenheim Female
Golden Cream Male
Solid Sable Male
Black Male, eyes closed!
Golden Male
Golden Cream Male, Blenheim Female
Same 2 pups
Blenheim Male
Light Blenheim Female
Golden Cream, Light Blenheim Female, Blenheim Male

Update on Scarlett Litter

Hi Everyone!

I’ve had some interest in the Scarlett puppies though none have been matched quite yet.

I’ll be sending photos of the black pup, blenheim female, and the golden male to prospective families tomorrow. We still have the golden cream male, solid sable male, large blenheim male, and the light blenheim female available.

I wanted to let everyone know that since these puppies are a bit older and have had two shots, we are willing to ship them if there is an available flight with Alaska Airlines. With steep airline prices right now for human travelers, this might be a good option for those that are too far to drive.

Please reach out if you’re interested in a puppy from Scarlett’s litter. You do not need to be on the waiting list and puppies are ready to go home early next week.

L-R, SS M, Blen F, LG Blen M, Blk M, Light Blen F, Gold M, Gold Cream M

Scarlett & Big Boy Litter Selection

Hi Everyone!

School is out, I’m home, and it’s time to talk about puppies!

The Scarlett litter has grown up and I’ve done a terrible job talking about them. We’ve had a few bumps in the road the past month (with other litters) but as a result, decided to keep the Scarlett litter until they had two shots before going home. They were also a little older when they got their first shot, so finally, at 10.5 weeks old, they are finally ready to go home!!

Here’s a look at their cute faces and a side view of their bodies.

Blenheim Female
Blenheim Female Side
Light Blenheim Female
Light Blenheim Female Side
Solid Sable Male
Solid Sable Side
Black Male
Black Male Side
Golden Male
Golden Male Side
Golden Cream Male
Golden Cream Male side
Blenheim Male
Blenheim Male side

These are large puppies and may be considered Megachon Cavachons with adult weights ranging from 18-30 lbs. they are getting their second booster shot on Thursday and they will also be seeing the vet on Thursday. They will be ready to go home Friday.

I have a small list of people that I will be calling first.

Debbie N, James S, Tina W, and Kristina S.

Anyone else interested in these puppies should fill out this Google form. I will be calling people starting Wednesday.

Please reach out via email if you’d like more info.

As for other available puppies:

5 month old Blenheim male

Dutchess Litter of 5 (solid sable and golden, ready mid to late July)

Missy Litter of 7 (lots of colors, ready mid to late July)

Adults Retiring:

Allie, female Bichon


I love getting updates!! This is one of the Olivia pups. He is settling in so nicely!!

“Obi had his last puppy vaccinations yesterday and I had him microchipped. He did great! Today we went for another longer walk in the woods and got caught in the rain. Came home, got dried off and now he is playing with his food puzzle. “

What a cutie!!

Ready This Weekend

Hi Everyone,

This beautiful golden boy is still looking for a forever home. He is ready this weekend. He should be an average 15-20lbs as an adult. He is very friendly and loving, loves people, exploring, and finding new adventures.

We are going to the vet today with Mimi’s litter (11:30 pacific time) and we’d love to include him with the rest of the litter.

It’s likely that this post will generate a LOT of interest. The best way to make this happen, if you’re interested, is to give me a call. If I’m not able to pick up, I’ll call people back in the order I received calls. 509-936-2715



Mimi Call List

Hi Everyone!

Tomorrow (Friday, April 22) is puppy matching day for the Mimi litter. There was a lot of interest in this litter and below is my call list.

I’ll begin the calls around 2pm and continue down the list until all of the puppies are matched. There are two black/white females, two black males, one black/white male, and a golden male.

I’ve listed what each person prefers so you should have a general idea of whether or not you might actually get a pup from this litter. One thing I know, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN!!

Be sure you’re available to pick up your phone as I will call, and if you don’t answer, wait about 15 minutes, send a text and an email, and then try again. If you are still unavailable, I will then move on to the next person.

I really hope things will go very smoothly tomorrow and I won’t have to skip over anyone. My goal is to match all the puppies before 6pm.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I will only be discussing the puppies you selected on the litter form. We can try to FaceTime if you have an iPhone so you can see the puppies in action.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow! KP 💕😊🐶

Mimi Litter Puppy Selection

Hi Everyone!

The Mimi puppies are now five weeks old and it’s time to begin our puppy selection for this litter. Here are some key detail to keep in mind. Please read through the whole blog post. If you still have questions, send an email to:

If you leave a question in the comments here I may or may not see it. I prefer email communication so everything stays in the same place.

This litter was born on March 10 and will be ready for new homes sometime between May 5-19. I’m leaving a wider range because these babies are small and may need to be a little older before going home.

There are six puppies: 2 black/white girls, 2 black boys, 1 black/white boy, 1 golden boy. The black/white pup on the right with more white on the back is the boy.

These puppies are not eligible to go into cargo on a plane because they are too small. Owners will need to drive or fly in to Spokane to pick them up in person. If you fly in, we will bring the puppy to the airport.

We expect these puppies to be from 12-16 lbs as adults. This is always a guesstimate but mom is one of our smallest Bichons and the puppies also seem on the smaller side.

Plan your pickup so it is not on a Saturday. We are not open on Saturdays.

Here is the video of them on Facebook.

To be considered for one of these puppies you will need to fill out the following form. It asks for your basic contact info, including the phone number you want me to use when/if I call you, waiting list number, town where you live (if puppies are going to the same place), and finally a list of preferences.

As you fill out the form (link below) you need to select every puppy that you would be willing to take home. I will only contact you about puppies you’ve selected, so if you’re open to both genders and all colors, just select every puppy.

If you are not on our waiting list you may choose any number after 150 as the form requires a waiting list number. We will consider you after talking to those who reached out and are on the waiting list. We will talk to people in waiting list order.

I plan to call people next Friday, April 22nd. I should start calling around 2pm.

Thank you for your interest in this litter. They are super cute and mom has been doing a great job raising them!!

Kristy 😊💕🐶

Available Puppies

We have two boys from the Olivia litter still available. They are ready this weekend-starting Sunday! I’ve been away in CA so I haven’t talked about them, but I’m back now and they are ready to go! Both are golden males.

The light golden male is spunky and fun! He is inquisitive and loves people and exploring things!

The large golden male is like a big love bug! He’s affectionate, yet playful, with all the fun that comes with having a puppy!

These boys are up to date on their worming and vaccinations.

Feel free to call for information at 509-936-2715, or send an email to