Please Use Email

Hi everyone!

I love hearing from all of you after I’ve posted updates. I just ask one favor. Please send your puppy interest requests through email. I do not always see Facebook comments, text messages often get lost in the list, and comments on the blog are also difficult to keep track of. I don’t know who this is who just commented on the blog post.

Kindly communicate with me via email at Email is the best place that I can keep everything organized. And I’ve got to stay organized!!

Thank you so much!

Puppy Updates

Hi Everyone!

None of these photos are staged and I didn’t take time to rewrite anything. This is the real life process of matching puppies. Here is what I have up to this moment!

Please note the Annie blenheim males are available to anyone, on or off the waiting list. They are 8 weeks old tomorrow and ready to go.

There are current videos of all these litters on our FB page Silver Paw Cavachons.

You can compare the official waiting list with the puppy interest lists to see where you stand. Nothing is written in order yet except the official waiting list.


Official Waiting List

Annie Pups, Blenheim males available now.

Justyne Pups ready Sept 17-23

Kenzie Pups ready Sept 8-14

Pearlie Pups ready Sept 26-Oct 2

Chantel Pups ready Sept 30-Oct 6

If I have missed your name anywhere on these lists please let me know via email. I did my best while on vacation to keep everything straight but I may have missed some things.

Also, I have a mystery deposit maybe on the way. While in Canada at the farmer’s market I took a call and gave all my info for sending a deposit. I failed to ask the lady’s name. I think the call came from Craigmont ID or Olympia WA. Are you my mystery person?

It’s great to be back and all the puppies are doing really well!

Also, some were interested in parent dog weights.

Annie 20

Snoopy 20

Justyne 13-14

Kenzie 9

Kingsley 19

Chantel 16-17

Pearlie 14-15

Rocky 20

Finally, Sophia (8-9lbs) is very pregnant and we should have puppies from her in the next couple weeks. She was bred to Kingsley.

On Standby

Hi Everyone!

Here is an update of the Annie puppy selection.

Tri female and sable/white female are decided.

Blenheim female should be decided very soon and Melina M. needs to be on standby!! We are getting a 6 week weight on the Annie blenheim girl today which will help Christine make a final decision. I’d like to hear from Melina M. regarding this puppy in case Christine goes in a different direction.

The Tri male will either go to Liz or Leslie. Liz will be visiting him on Sunday to decide.

The small blenheim male is AVAILABLE! As you can see, everyone whose name was on the small blenheim male has decided to go in another direction. This is a puppy that can be snatched up by someone deep in the list or by someone not even on the list yet.

The large blenheim male will go to Leslie if Liz takes the Tri, OR he will also be available if Liz passes and Leslie takes the Tri.

I hope this gives everyone an inside look at how the puzzle pieces of this puppy selection process fall into place. It takes some time and careful communication to fit it all together!

And for those that read to the very end, Pearlie had her puppies August 2!

All similar in size and doing well so far.

My husband did a great job assisting with the delivery while I’m in Canada. The final puppy born was another golden male (not on his list). “Brown” = solid sable. “Blem” = Blenheim. “B&W” = Black/White. I didn’t ask him to look carefully in case she’s a Tri.

All of you on the waiting list, feel free to pencil in your names next to these new puppies by sending me an email! I know it’s only based on color and gender at this point but you can always take your name off later. Also, if you count forward 8 weeks that gives you an idea when they can go home.

Chantel is as big as a barn. Her puppies should come in the next week and we are expecting 5-6 from her as well.

Happy weekend!


Update on the Annie Litter Puppy Selection

Hi Everyone!

We’ve been matching the Annie puppies to their forever homes and here is where things stand:

Amy passed on both Tri color puppies and is waiting for a future puppy. Lisa and Mac jumped on the Tri female. Nicole is a definite match for the sable/white girl. Christine is still deciding on the Annie blenheim girl (Melina, be watching).

For the boys, Liz will be visiting the Tri male to decide on him next Sunday. Leslie currently has first choice for both blenheim males which means we need another family wanting a blenheim male because we will still have one available once these are all matched. David wants the blenheim female from Kenzie’s litter so he passed on the Annie pups.

The pups range in weight as follows…this was at 5.5 weeks old. “Girl” is the tiny blenheim female and the boy is the large blenheim male. They are the smallest and largest in the litter. Adult weight should mature to 14-18 ish lbs, but this is just my best guess. I’ll know better when they’re 8 weeks old.

Let me know if you have questions or are interested in one of the blenheim males.


(Lake Huron)


Let’s Match the Annie Pups

Hi Everyone!

I have done a final draft of the Annie litter waiting list with everyone in their proper Waiting List order.

Here is the most current master waiting list and how I put the names in order.

This is what I need from you:

1. If I missed a message from you and you asked to be on this litter, please let me know ASAP.

2. If your name is in the first or second position on any puppy, we need to talk. I’m currently on vacation but I can check emails and if necessary, we can schedule a phone call.

(This is one place I’ve been!)

3. When/if you are matched to a puppy, we need to iron out the details for delivery.

There is a pretty long video of the litter on the FB page and the soonest I can update any pictures/videos would be after August 10. We need to get them matched before that date so people have time to make travel arrangements.

Here is the video!

I’m ready for questions, but please send them via email. Thank you!!

More Activity and News

Hi Everyone!

Whenever I post waiting list updates it stirs up more activity from people. A few names have been added to the Annie puppies today and I’ll need to reorder them in waiting list order. Amy U has joined in for a Tri colored puppy and Christine L for a female. Amy U. is currently highest on the waiting list. I’ll write up a new slip in a few days but just wanted to let everyone know there are some changes.

We also had puppies today. Kenzie and Kingsley had their puppies. Every single puppy is a different color which is a first for us! Pictures coming in about a week or so.