Emails, FB Messages, Comments on the Blog

Wow!! My inboxes were overflowing last night and this morning. I did my best to respond to everyone. If you reached out but didn’t hear back from me, please reach out again.

Also, please reach out via email or phone ONLY!! I find it very difficult to navigate and answer all the questions when they’re coming from so many directions. It’s also nearly impossible to keep any sense of order when I’m working off of several lists and sources. Please just send an email or call!! If you reach out on FB, I will likely respond but then ask you to continue the conversation via email.

Right now, I have all of the girls pending. I’ll post an update of availability once I hear back from everyone that emailed me yesterday and early this morning.

For those that aren’t ready now, or didn’t get a Jesse pup, we have two more litters on the ground. Scarlett has 8 puppies and Roxy has 3 puppies. This means there are still 11 more puppies to match in the next few weeks.

I’ll post a video of the Scarlett pups sometime today on FB and I’ll link it here in the blog as well.

Thanks for your patience as I navigate through all the emails, messages, and comments. The girls are pending now to:

Amy P sable/white girl

Mary C wide face girl

Nathan R Kiss spot girl

Amanda T most colorful girl

If you are one of the names above, let’s talk via phone conversation today after 3pm. We can also chat via email anytime today. I need decisions quickly as there are people behind you hoping they may still have a chance at a Jesse pup.



Kristy 🐶

Available Jesse Puppies

Jesse pups, ready for puppy selection. This litter is literally wide open. The only pup matched is the sable and white male. All the rest are available girls. They will be ready to go home Friday, December 13th, which is one and a half weeks from now. Anyone is welcome to contact us about these pups.

Here is a video and I’m planning to load a few more to FB this evening.

Here is the litter list. Sometimes, plans change for people and that seems to be what happened here. Nobody is waiting for any of the females. This is a rare chance to slip in and snag a pup without waiting.

I’m looking forward to talking with each of you about these pups. Adult size should be a solid 15-20lbs.

Blenheim female with the most color. Very outgoing and playful. Energetic!

Blenheim female. Playful, sweet, and cute!

Blenheim female with the wider face. Super sweet and loving!

Sable & White female, our little pirate with one patch on her eye. We don’t often get asymmetrical markings on the face, so she is a rare beauty!

Sable & White male. He is already matched to his forever family. Playful, tail wagging, ready to embrace life!

Please contact us via email,, regarding these pups. We will not respond to inquiries left here in the comments. We need communication to all be in the same place. Thank you!



Hi Everyone!

This is a super quick post to show you what has been happening here. I thought the puppy and I had that “owner looks like their dog” vibe going on here, but she’s no longer my puppy.

“Dixie”, from Allie’s (F1) litter, finally went home today to Texas. She is going to be an emotional support animal and I know she will do the job well!!

Jesse’s (F1) puppies are getting so cute. They are 4 weeks old and starting to really play with one another. I’ll load a video of them on our Facebook page.

Jesse’s puppies are ready for puppy selection. These are the three blenheim girls above.

Sable/white girl on the left and boy on the right!

We are ready to match the Jesse pups.

Scarlett’s (F1b) puppies are growing. She had eight of them on November 5th.

4 Boys

4 Girls

We are taking names from those interested in the Scarlett pups.

Roxy had her babies Wednesday.

Solid sable male, female, and golden female.

Their faces are too sweet!!

We also have the lovely Kaya looking for a forever home.

And a tiny, tiny Bichon male puppy that will be ready in 2 weeks. Pictures still to come of the Bichons.

Things are always busy here. We have a bunch of new puppies, a long waiting list, and I hope I will hear from many of you soon. Remember, if you see any puppy you like, please let me know and I’ll pencil in your name for that pup.

Let the puppy selection fun begin!!!



Hi Everyone!

We have some available Bichon Frise dogs and puppies and I want to start the conversation in hopes that we can find homes for these wonderful little white dogs!

I’m going to begin with Kaya. She is four years old and we would like to find her a quiet, forever pet home. She is a nervous girl that will need someone who is willing to work with her. She will also need some potty training.

If you’d like more information about Kaya, please send an email to

Please send all communication via email. I will not be responding to comments left on the blog. Thank you. 🐶

Availability Update

Hi Everyone!

The blur of activity has settled down and we have 2 puppies still available. There is a new video of the puppies on Facebook so you can check that out below.

To update what I’ve said in the video, “Orange” from Maddie’s litter is still available and the blenheim male from Pearlie’s litter is still available. All of the other puppies have been matched.

We are ready to speak with any interested families. Everyone on the current waiting list has chosen puppies or is waiting for a future litter.

Please send us an email at to inquire about these two puppies. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

(I will not respond to comments here on the blog.)

Puppy Updates

Hi Everyone!

I’m in a parking garage taking pictures of my dog book and posting this update!!

We are beginning to match puppies and if your name is on any of these lists, we need to start the detailed conversation about puppies.

So far, a couple things have happened. As you look at these updated lists, the following info should help you follow along with the progress.

Scott W has chosen the darkest golden Allie female. His name is circled. This matches the puppy to him but also removes his name from all other puppies on our lists. I’m reaching out to Marion B about the black pup and Katrina and Adya are actually on quite a few pups, so once they decide, several pups will open up with no names next to them.

Mike R found a pup from another breeder and Deb N is waiting for a future puppy. This removes both of their names from any other puppies that they had their eye on.

Again, Deb, Mike, and Scott are no longer in the running for any of these puppies. I’ve spoken with Katrina since she is ahead of Adya and will wait to hear back from her regarding these two small pups. I need to hear from Adya ASAP so we can get things narrowed down!!

The Maddie litter will have a visit from Rita E this Friday. She is next in line for choosing any pups that she put her name beside. She has her eye on the “red” female from Maddie, but we are keeping all possibilities open until she makes her final decision.

If your name is on any of these above lists, let’s talk.

If your name is on the main waiting list below, and you’re interested in any of these pups, we also need to talk, preferably on the phone, but email works too.

My available hours are daily after 3:30pm. Things are going to suddenly move very quickly right now so if you’re new on the waiting list and you’re ready, you need to squeeze in here and give me a call or email so I can add your name to the puppy lists!! I cannot express enough how quickly this is probably going to settle out in the next week so don’t hesitate if you have any interest at all.

This is a good place to add that if you’re NEW, you can get in on these pups by getting on our waiting list. There will likely be one or two pups that are not matched to anyone currently on the main waiting list.

A note about the puppies…they are all very happy and playful, contrary to what you’re seeing in the videos on FB. They are soooo cute right now, and balls of fluff, tugging on mom’s tail, wrestling with each other, and just generally being wonderful little puppies. I’m sorry they have not shown you those colors when I’ve done the videos.

I think I’ve responded now to all the emails and Fb messages from the past two weeks. Maddie pups are ready to go home this Friday and everything else will be ready starting October 4th.

I can’t wait to hear from you all.

Kristy 🐶😍