Waiting List and Paisley Pups

Hi Everyone!

Happy summer to all of you and hopefully our weather will get the memo soon. We had to build a fire in our wood stove yesterday because it’s just plain cold here still!!

In spite of the chill, things are moving forward nicely and here is a quick update of our waiting list and expected puppies.

These are the deposits we have in hand and I believe there are one or two more that are probably on the way. If you don’t see your name and you have sent your deposit, kindly check in with us so I can make sure I haven’t misplaced it or failed to write it down.

We currently have the Paisley litter, 2 pups, a blenheim female and a golden/red male.

She is slightly bigger than him.

They both have the most perfect little faces and markings.

I am ready to take names for these two pups. If you have any interest at all, please let me know so I can put your name down. At 5 weeks I will contact those names in waiting list order to match the puppies.

As for other litters, Annie, one of our largest Bichons is pregnant and looking very round. Sadie is also pregnant, big as a barn, and due Thursday. She was bred to Charlie, a black/tan Cavachon, so her puppies will be F1b, which simply means their coats will be a little curlier than a typical Cavachon. It’s not much, but enough that I’ve fallen in love with the look and will probably do several litters a year with Charlie and Scarlett being bred to Bichons.

We also have our eye on one more mom in the kennel but she has not been moved to the nursery yet.

The two last Scarlett pups will be going home during June and Toby has a family coming to look at him this weekend.

In other farm news we are picking strawberries from the garden and enjoying them every morning! We can’t wait for all the other berries and the tomatoes to get ripe. Our garden is small this year because I need to clean out the barn. Boxes from 2007 have yet to be unpacked. Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone!

Pregnancy and Birth Announcement!

Hi Everyone,

I’m happy to announce the birth of Paisley & Rusty’s Puppies, born this morning. It’s just a very small litter but the pups are doing great!

I also want to let everyone know about two confirmed pregnancies with expected puppies later this month. Sadie and Annie are with round bellies so our little “break” will be ended soon.

Stay tuned for more details and hopefully litter pages for each of these litters.

Things Might Be Quiet

Hey Everyone!

All of our puppies have been matched to their forever homes and it looks like we may have some down time in June. We have just 11 puppies on the property and they are beginning to go home. By the end of the month we may have 2 accelerated puppies and as far as I can tell, nothing else will be born until at least June.

I’ve brought Paisley into the nursery and I know that Sadie was bred in April. Based on past year cycles, I expect that we will have pups born in late June or early July, and ready for homes in late August and early September.

I do know we will have another full round sometime later this summer so I thank everyone for their patience.

Please know that I will still work with the order of the waiting list but I will not call out to you individually with each litter. When puppies are born, I’ll announce it here and then if you have any interest in ANY puppy, I will pencil in your name next to each puppy. When they are 5 weeks old I’ll put those names in waiting list order next to each puppy and we will begin matching puppies to their forever families.

If your name is not next to a puppy and you decide you want a particular puppy, your name will he added but not ahead of others. This is why it’s so important to make sure your name is near ANY puppy you have interest in when they are very young.

It has been raining hard here so haven’t been able to get outside to do videos, but this week looks to be sunny so I will try to post what I can.

If you are getting a Scarlett or Roxy pup let’s confirm travel dates and times. I have a few (maybe 4) families on my calendar out of 11 puppies, and they all turn 8 weeks old this week. Please send me an email or give me a call so we can chat!

This photo is a little random and late, but a happy Mother’s Day to all of my puppy families. These three made me a mother and for many years they were my official puppy handlers. Now, I have some younger helpers, but my oldest son on the left manages the main kennel work each day and my daughter steps in and covers for me when I take a vacation!

Scarlett and Roxy Videos

Hey everyone,

There are new videos of both Scarlett and Roxy’s pups on our FB page. We also have an updated list of who is in line for each puppy.

If you have interest in any of the puppies let me know! The lists below are set for the selection order but you’re welcome to get your name added to any of the puppies. As of now, there is definitely a blenheim female from the Scarlett litter available and I should know by tonight which one that will be.

Scarlett selection list. Carol will be taking just 1 blenheim female so there is one still available to someone!

Roxy selection list.

Also, here is how the selection process ended for the Paige pups.

I also took head shots of the Roxy pups. Enjoy!!

Solid sable male

Golden male

Blenheim male

Blanket sable/white female

Sable/white female

Looking forward to hearing from all of you on these selection lists. Please give me a ring!

Paige Litter Puppy Selection

I’ve just uploaded 3 videos of the Paige puppies on Facebook and I want to post an update for everyone that has shown interest in this litter. I’m going to list each puppy and then the names, in waiting list order, of everyone interested in that pup. If your name is first or second on any of the Paige pups, we need to talk on the phone ASAP.

As I talk with people I will post updated photos of this list on the Paige & Colby litter page (which I will make live this evening). I’m hoping one of my early videos shows Paige in it and I’ll see if I can get a photo of Colby. I’ll also list their weights, but for now Paige was 15 lbs lactating (I weighed her right after she delivered) and Colby is 22 lbs. I expect these pups to be 16-22 lbs as adults.

Also, some of you have your names here in this litter and also on the other litters. You’ll need to let me know if you want to pass on the Paige pups and wait for a Scarlett or Roxy pup, or wait for new litters to be born. It’s time for decisions!

Here is a quick look at the other litters so you can see what your chances are for those pups.

And also the order of the waiting list.

Puppy Selection for Paige Pups Coming Up…

Waiting list, puppy selection, we’re getting ready to start the fun part and stressful part of raising puppies–figuring out which puppies are going to each home!

Here is that same waiting list with a few minor changes.

Adam, who was # 9 on the list, found a puppy local to him, so he asked to be taken off the list. Aja and Guy sent their $50 waiting list fees via PayPal and they have been added to the list. Ann Marie is deposit pending so her name is still in pencil and I’ve circled everyone who has asked me to pencil their names next to specific puppies.

Here is an update on all of the interest for each of the puppies. The Allie litter is officially matched, therefore the names are written in INK. Everyone else is still written in pencil.

Since my last post, we’ve had a surge of interest for the Paige girls, but things are still totally quiet for the Paige boys.

As I explained before, I pencil names in EVERYWHERE that people tell me they have interest. Look at Carol S. While she does actually want 2 pups and her name is holding two spaces on the waiting list, her name is penciled next to 3 puppies in Scarlett’s litter, and also both of the Paige girls, but she’s not getting all 5 of those puppies. Others ahead of her may choose the same puppy she’s interested in, and that puppy will be out of the mix before it’s her turn to choose.

It takes time for all this to settle out, and it’s really important for everyone interested to be checking emails frequently during this process so we know what everyone wants to do.

I will also do my best to answer all your questions, post specific photos and videos if you ask for them, so things will keep moving forward quickly.

I usually open a litter for puppy selection when they are 5 weeks old. That means on April 17, two days from now, we will begin puppy selection with the Paige pups. I will do another video that day and also try to do individual photos of each puppy.

If nothing changes between now and Tuesday, Rene would have first choice for the sable/white female and Christine L would have first choice for the blenheim female. But nothing is official till Tuesday and I talk with each person again via email or phone. This is also assuming that nobody else higher on the list changes their mind and decides to go with a Paige girl.

As you can begin to see, puppy selection can be complicated, time consuming, frustrating, and sometimes disappointing for those that had their hearts set on a certain puppy. It is also wonderful, exciting, and fulfilling when all of the pups are matched and people can move into the next phase of preparing to bring their puppies home.

I’d like to encourage everyone to check the FAQ page and scroll down to the “What do I need to get for my new puppy?” question. There is good info there so you will have everything ready when your puppy finally comes home.

Once you are matched to a puppy, I’ll want to talk on the phone to go over the details of puppy pickup. Please remember that we do charge $100/week beginning at 9 weeks old if we need to hold a puppy longer for you.

Let me know if you have any questions. Let the fun begin!!

Waiting List and Puppy Interest Updates

Hey Everyone!

I’ve settled back in from my trip and I’m happy to report that all litters are doing well and puppies are getting fat and cute!

I plan to do updated videos this week, so be watching for those to first show up on Facebook.

I want to show the most recent waiting list. I will update the website version very soon, but this is current as of tonight (4-9-18)!!

I also wanted to give a quick update on puppy interest so you can all see which puppies are in high demand and which ones are completely wide open.

As you all have been emailing me and telling me your interests, I’ve been penciling your names in next to the puppies you’re talking about. These are in no particular order and if someone said they could be interested in 3 different pups, I’ve written their name down in 3 different places.

We have not begun formal selection for Paige, Scarlett, or Roxy yet, but we did match both of the Allie puppies to their forever families. (Congrats Trudy and Lizzy, and I’ll be in touch very soon)

Nobody has mentioned the Paige puppies yet.

Sable/White seems to be the high demand color from Scarlett so far.

LOTS of interest in the Roxy sable/white girls. As I said, these names are not in any order, but you can get an idea if you have a shot at a pup if you compare these lists with the order of the waiting list.

Also, if you emailed me with a selection, and you don’t see it here, please resend the email. Since I was in Italy, and now going back to work, I could have missed an email or two and I apologize.

If you’re on the waiting list and haven’t been in touch with me, feel free to shoot me an email, especially if you’re ready to bring a puppy home in the next couple of months. The dates written next to the mom names are when these puppies are ready to go home.

Let me know if you have any questions.