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Please reach out if you’re interested in one of these puppies and I’ll put you on the litter list. I’m planning to update their photos/videos weekly as they grow!!

Walla Walla, WA & Long Beach, CA

Hi Everyone,

I’m doing some traveling and am headed to Walla Walla, WA tomorrow (Sunday, July 17) and to Long Beach, CA (Wednesday, July 20th). Who is ready for a puppy?

Here is our update on which puppies are still available.

Golden Female, Missy Litter
Blenheim Female, Missy Litter
Golden Female, Dutchess Litter
Golden Male, Dutchess litter, sale pending

These puppies are all current with shots and worming and they are ready to go anytime. There will be a puppy nanny fee for travel but it could save someone a lot of time not having to come up to us.

Please call if you’re interested. 509-936-2715

Beautiful Bunty

Today is Bunty’s 4th birhday, Bastille Day. Her mom was Kenzie and her dad was Kingsley. She is 11 lbs. and almost entirely black with a white soul patch, a small white patch on her breast and a few white toes. What an unbelievably loving and lovable companion she has been! I waited a long time to get a small black puppy and was rewarded with Bunty. She loves everyone and wants to say hello to people and other dogs when we walk, but is easily contained if that’s not a good idea. She especially likes to chase balls (still not quite ready to “leave them” everytime) and to sleep on my lap when she gets tired. She and kitty get along famously. She sleeps with me and usually ends up under the covers before dawn (my choice — I could have trained he to sleep in a crate). She is a joy!

Bunty’s first picture with Mom at Spokane Airport. Pick-up day September 9, 2018 (2 1/2 pounds)

Elaine & Bunty taken by Fanny, August 2021

With her sister Sweetiepye. Bunty & Sweetiepye lying together on the bathroom floor.

Good Bunty photo – full face 2019…Sweet Bunty

Elaine M., Maryland

Love those black beauties. We only get solid black pups 1-2 times per year, so it’s definitely a more rare color. Kenzie, her mama, has been retired because she struggled during birth both times she had puppies. She is living a happy life with a family, walks, and cozy beds and treats!


Bella and Daisy aren’t actually sisters, but they are close enough. With just three months separating their birthdays (late 2018 & early 2019), they seems to be like two peas in a pod.

I couldn’t resist sharing this adorable photo of them with their tongues sticking out!

Also, if you’re wondering about their colors, the dog on the left is an adult solid sable and the right is a blenheim.

If you’d like to share your Silver Paw Cavachon on the blog, send an update with a bit of info (please include parents and birthday if possible) and some photos and I’d be happy to post here on the blog. It’s so fun to hear what the dogs can do now and how they have become part of the family.

Obi Wags Kenobi’s Update

I love getting updates on the puppies. This is an Olivia & Jester pup!

Obi is now 5 months old and doing great. He completed his puppy training, goes to weekly socialization “play dates” and has just started his “Teen manners” classes. He continues to love everyone and everything which is what we wanted. He can Sit, Down, Come, Touch, Leave it, and Drop it. He loves chasing balls but is learning that bringing them back to me allows the game to continue. We are working on “Go to your Matt” and “Stay”. He is still lovely in his crate overnight and many times puts himself to bed. He is already 18 lbs! Bigger than we thought he would be since we thought he would be about 19 lbs fully grown. He may be a “megachon”. People love his friendly demeanor – he has never met anyone he did not like! Even the young man with autism down the street who tends to make sudden loud noises which has caused other dogs to startle and bark at him. Obi loves him (which I encouraged by giving Obi a piece of cheese when we would see him) and they have a good cuddle every time we meet. My neighbours had to euthanize their old dog about 2 weeks after Obi came home and now that Obi walks well on a leash, they will come over and take him for a walk and a cuddle when they need a little “puppy therapy”.

What a blessing he is to his community! He’s a “golden” dog, which is the color of the four females we have that are available and ready to go home any day. What a little trooper Obi is!!

Admin Details and Updates

This post is long, but very important.

This morning I called everyone that was interested in a Dutchess or Missy pup and have matched 4out of 12 puppies so far. We have one golden boy and two golden girls still available from the Dutchess litter, and five girls available from the Missy litter: one sable/white, two golden, and two blenheim. These puppies are ready to go home this coming weekend and they are so happy and cute. I’ll post pictures later today when I have some help holding them!

In other news, I have been actively trying to clean up my waiting list. I have removed over 30 names of people that either have already found a puppy or they have decided not to get a puppy. It has taken a lot of time to do this and there are still many people I have not been able to reach.

I usually don’t post full names on my website but I am going to share my list of those I still need to contact. If your name is below, please reach out via email ( or text (509-936-2715) or call me and let me know what your plans are moving forward.

This is my last effort to reach people. I am hopeful that I will hear from many of you on this list below. On July 31, I will be doing the final cleanup of the waiting list and names will be removed if I have not heard from you by that date.

If your name is NOT on this list below, we have spoken this summer and you should see a * by your name on the waiting list. If you have any questions, please give me a call. 509-936-2715.

Here are the names of those I have not been able to reach:

Chris & Ron Smith
Daryl & Kathy B
Debra Paxton
Chris Dickman
Sierra Adibi
David Katie G
Jen F
Judy D
Brook McIntire
Robin Maisel
Jerilyn Haney
Helen Gret Torres
Malia Perecki
Karina Dsouza
Maryanne Moreno Lorenz
Anne Marie Bammert
Brittany Lynn Hill
Mamie Bass
Sabrina Hill
Gwen Ahart

Back in the day, I only had the online waiting list and I only used the first initial of the last name. This has proven to be a very bad idea as I can’t even find the full names of Daryl & Kathy, David & Katie, Jen, and Judy. I really hope to hear from these 20 families ASAP. If we have spoken and I have wrongly placed your name on this ‘missing’ list above, please accept my apologies and reach out and let me know.

I think things got so crazy during and after Covid with puppy demand that I just wasn’t able to keep up with everything on the administrative end of things. As of now, things are under control and I just have these final 20 families to hear from.

Thanks for your help on all of this. I want my waiting list to actually reflect the right number of people interested in a puppy. It seems daunting when you’re new and see over 100 names on a list. The truth is, I have been matching puppies to new people consistently for the past 18 months and have mostly been working from the bottom of the waiting list as those have been the people ready to get a puppy. I do still follow the list faithfully, and I feel good knowing that I’ve spoken to the majority of you this summer.

Be watching for the updated pictures of the Missy litter and reach out when you’re ready to get a puppy. Thanks everyone!


Dutchess Puppy Selection

Hi Everyone!

All of the Scarlett puppies have been matched and it’s time now to talk about the Dutchess litter.

They are 8 weeks old and will be ready for their new homes on Thursday, July 14 after they see the vet and get their health certificates. There are five puppies in this litter, three girls and two boys.

Golden Female
Golden Female
Solid Sable Female
Golden Male
Solid Sable Male

These puppies should be the average 15-20lbs as adults. They have received their first shots and are up to date with worming. They are well socialized and learning about the crate.

Send an email to for more info. We are matching this litter to those on or off the waiting list. Those on the waiting list will be prioritized in waiting list order.

This is a great opportunity to get a summer puppy!! I will begin calling people on Sunday morning for puppy matching. If you are jot available at that time, reach out and I will work with you!