Admin Details and Updates

This post is long, but very important.

This morning I called everyone that was interested in a Dutchess or Missy pup and have matched 4out of 12 puppies so far. We have one golden boy and two golden girls still available from the Dutchess litter, and five girls available from the Missy litter: one sable/white, two golden, and two blenheim. These puppies are ready to go home this coming weekend and they are so happy and cute. I’ll post pictures later today when I have some help holding them!

In other news, I have been actively trying to clean up my waiting list. I have removed over 30 names of people that either have already found a puppy or they have decided not to get a puppy. It has taken a lot of time to do this and there are still many people I have not been able to reach.

I usually don’t post full names on my website but I am going to share my list of those I still need to contact. If your name is below, please reach out via email ( or text (509-936-2715) or call me and let me know what your plans are moving forward.

This is my last effort to reach people. I am hopeful that I will hear from many of you on this list below. On July 31, I will be doing the final cleanup of the waiting list and names will be removed if I have not heard from you by that date.

If your name is NOT on this list below, we have spoken this summer and you should see a * by your name on the waiting list. If you have any questions, please give me a call. 509-936-2715.

Here are the names of those I have not been able to reach:

Chris & Ron Smith
Daryl & Kathy B
Debra Paxton
Chris Dickman
Sierra Adibi
David Katie G
Jen F
Judy D
Brook McIntire
Robin Maisel
Jerilyn Haney
Helen Gret Torres
Malia Perecki
Karina Dsouza
Maryanne Moreno Lorenz
Anne Marie Bammert
Brittany Lynn Hill
Mamie Bass
Sabrina Hill
Gwen Ahart

Back in the day, I only had the online waiting list and I only used the first initial of the last name. This has proven to be a very bad idea as I can’t even find the full names of Daryl & Kathy, David & Katie, Jen, and Judy. I really hope to hear from these 20 families ASAP. If we have spoken and I have wrongly placed your name on this ‘missing’ list above, please accept my apologies and reach out and let me know.

I think things got so crazy during and after Covid with puppy demand that I just wasn’t able to keep up with everything on the administrative end of things. As of now, things are under control and I just have these final 20 families to hear from.

Thanks for your help on all of this. I want my waiting list to actually reflect the right number of people interested in a puppy. It seems daunting when you’re new and see over 100 names on a list. The truth is, I have been matching puppies to new people consistently for the past 18 months and have mostly been working from the bottom of the waiting list as those have been the people ready to get a puppy. I do still follow the list faithfully, and I feel good knowing that I’ve spoken to the majority of you this summer.

Be watching for the updated pictures of the Missy litter and reach out when you’re ready to get a puppy. Thanks everyone!


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