Dilly – Scarlett Blenheim Female Update

Look at this fabulous email update I just received today from the first Scarlett puppy that went home! What a doll. All of the pups from the litter are going to be like this because Scarlett is our own family pet and her personality is so loving, obedient, and affectionate.

We have 5 more pups from this litter that are ready to go home and we’d love to talk with anyone who might be interested. Two are black/tan girls, and then the boys are Tri color, black/tan, and a blenheim just like the sister shown here.

We also have a possible delivery option to Seattle this Sunday if anyone is ready now!

Here is the update from Dilly’s family.

Hi Kristy,

I just wanted to let you know Scarlett’s female Blenheim is doing wonderful.

We named her Dilly. She is a momma’s girl and she loves to eat, sleep and do lots of playing. Potty training and crate training is going really good too. Dilly is a smart girl.

Thank you for having such sweet pups!

Merry Christmas and happy new year to you and your family!


Lisa, Pete, Kamper & Dilly

Roxy (F1b) Puppy Selection

Time is FLYING!!!

These girls are over 6 weeks old, so it’s time to get them matched to their forever families.

Here are the names of everyone that showed an interest in this litter. I’m reaching out to everyone who is in the #1 position. Please reach out to me if you’re in the #2 position.

Let’s talk about puppy details. They are playful and fun and very cute!!

Small sable/white on left, large sable/white on right.

Dark golden on left, light golden on right.

All four puppies are girls! Mom is a Bichon, dad is a black/tan Cavachon.

Let’s Talk

Hi Everyone!

With 28 names on the waiting list, I want to be sure I’m current on what your timeline looks like for getting a puppy. I’ve just sent emails to many of you just to check in since we haven’t talked in a while.

Sometimes people make other plans and forget to let me know, so I want to update my notes so I’m current and know when you’re hoping to get a puppy.

Here is the current list. I’ve penciled in some things that I know. I’d love to have tiny notes for everyone.

Send me a quick email and so I can update my notes.


I have a lot of people not on the list asking about puppy availability and I want to be sure I’ve heard from all of you before I move forward with them. Currently, the Scarlett and Abbey pups are open to anyone and I plan to move forward as needed.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you on my waiting list!


Pictures of Scarlett’s Pups

We’ve had some action in this litter and two of the girls have been matched. I’ll show them first and then co tonite with the others.

Blenheim female, going home tomorrow.

No collar girl going home next week.

Tri boy and the boy pup with the green collar. Both of these puppies have a smoother coat.

Both very outgoing and friendly.

The curly boys, “Blue”, Blenheim boy, and “Orange”.


Blenheim guy

“Orange” (Gangsta)!

“Red” and “Yellow” girls They look almost identical to Orange and Blue.

I am loading videos of them all on FB. Right now, the no collar girl and the blenheim girl are the only two pups from this litter that have been matched. The other 7 pups are still available and ready to go home now!

Pictures of Roxy’s Pups

Here are all of the Roxy puppies. I will list who they are under each photo. Enjoy!

Roxy’s sable/white girls. Larger and curlier pup on the right. Smaller girl on the left.

From the top. Same two pups.

Side view left, smaller pup.

Side view, right curlier pup.

So much cute!

Same litter golden girls. Both curly. Lighter girl on the right is smaller.

Darker girl on the left.

Lighter girl on the right.

This wraps up the Roxy litter. All 4 of these girls are available.

Black Cavachons

Look at these cute pups Silver Paw families have shared on our FB page. The black pups grow into beautiful adults. Here are two of them!!

This little Abbey pup is still looking for his forever home.

He is mellow, but playful. Very sweet. Absolutely cute as a button!!

Send an email to silverpawcavachons@gmail.com for more info.

Nitty Gritty

I’m on a plane right now heading home from Thanksgiving. This is what I know for how puppy selection is moving forward. If you are first or second for a puppy, please call me. We need to talk. 509-936-2715

Scarlett’s puppies are old enough to go home. As you can see, every boy is available. You do not need to be on the waiting list to get one of the males. We can match you immediately and make plans for the puppy to travel home. You can also do this for the Abbey male.

The next two litters are still young and we are taking interested names till they are 5 weeks old. After that we will begin actually matching them. The following two litters are all female puppies.

A few have had some timeline challenges are are needing to wait till spring to get a new puppy.

If you are new to our site and/or have sent an email this past week, please call me as well if you’re serious about getting one of these pups!

Updated Waiting List

Things are so busy I’ve been neglecting my blog. We have lots of puppies, and while there are many names on this waiting list, just a handful of people have shown an interest in our current litters.

I’m overdue for photos. I’ll try to get some up this weekend. I think I have a couple videos I can post on the Fb page. I’ll work on that.

To those that have shown an interest, please reach out and let me know what you’d like to see. We have 4 litters of various ages and 17 puppies. They will all be ready to go home in the next 1-4 weeks. I’d like to start matching puppies.

Here is the current list.

I want to hear from anyone, no matter where you are on this list, if you’re interested in a current puppy.

I’m also willing to hear from anyone not on this list.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Macy Solid Sable

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to show you Macy. She is a large solid sable Cavachon adult. So many people wonder what their brown puppy will look like as an adult. Solid sable pups do fade, but I think Macy is gorgeous! You can see a bit of the black tips on her ears.

This is Sophia’s solid sable puppy that just went home today. She is lighter on her undercoat as well.

I love the solid sables even with their fading. By the time they lighten up, you’re so in love with them that the color doesn’t matter anymore!!

(PS, today is my birthday!)