Pictures of Roxy’s Pups

Here are all of the Roxy puppies. I will list who they are under each photo. Enjoy!

Roxy’s sable/white girls. Larger and curlier pup on the right. Smaller girl on the left.

From the top. Same two pups.

Side view left, smaller pup.

Side view, right curlier pup.

So much cute!

Same litter golden girls. Both curly. Lighter girl on the right is smaller.

Darker girl on the left.

Lighter girl on the right.

This wraps up the Roxy litter. All 4 of these girls are available.

5 responses to “Pictures of Roxy’s Pups

  1. Hi, I have recently lost my beloved cavachon, Poppy, and my heart has a hole in it. Do you have any female cabochons available?
    I’m an experienced pet owner who lives in the country with a big yard. 😀

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