Pictures of Scarlett’s Pups

We’ve had some action in this litter and two of the girls have been matched. I’ll show them first and then co tonite with the others.

Blenheim female, going home tomorrow.

No collar girl going home next week.

Tri boy and the boy pup with the green collar. Both of these puppies have a smoother coat.

Both very outgoing and friendly.

The curly boys, “Blue”, Blenheim boy, and “Orange”.


Blenheim guy

“Orange” (Gangsta)!

“Red” and “Yellow” girls They look almost identical to Orange and Blue.

I am loading videos of them all on FB. Right now, the no collar girl and the blenheim girl are the only two pups from this litter that have been matched. The other 7 pups are still available and ready to go home now!

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