Nitty Gritty

I’m on a plane right now heading home from Thanksgiving. This is what I know for how puppy selection is moving forward. If you are first or second for a puppy, please call me. We need to talk. 509-936-2715

Scarlett’s puppies are old enough to go home. As you can see, every boy is available. You do not need to be on the waiting list to get one of the males. We can match you immediately and make plans for the puppy to travel home. You can also do this for the Abbey male.

The next two litters are still young and we are taking interested names till they are 5 weeks old. After that we will begin actually matching them. The following two litters are all female puppies.

A few have had some timeline challenges are are needing to wait till spring to get a new puppy.

If you are new to our site and/or have sent an email this past week, please call me as well if you’re serious about getting one of these pups!