Let’s Talk

Hi Everyone!

With 28 names on the waiting list, I want to be sure I’m current on what your timeline looks like for getting a puppy. I’ve just sent emails to many of you just to check in since we haven’t talked in a while.

Sometimes people make other plans and forget to let me know, so I want to update my notes so I’m current and know when you’re hoping to get a puppy.

Here is the current list. I’ve penciled in some things that I know. I’d love to have tiny notes for everyone.

Send me a quick email and so I can update my notes.


I have a lot of people not on the list asking about puppy availability and I want to be sure I’ve heard from all of you before I move forward with them. Currently, the Scarlett and Abbey pups are open to anyone and I plan to move forward as needed.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you on my waiting list!


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