I’m Back

Hey Everyone!

I’ve been very quiet recently due to an emergency, but all is well and I’m back to communicate and let you know what to expect in the coming weeks and months.

The older litters are going home and I’ve almost got all the travel lined up for all those puppies.

Looking forward, we have lots of new puppies and I’d like to give you a list for those that are on the waiting list.

I’m simply going to list colors and genders right now and I will be doing pictures in the coming week or so.

Blenheim – 1 girl, 1 boy (Scarlett F2)

Solid Sable – 1 girl (Sophia F1)

Tri – 1 boy (Scarlett F2)

Black – 1 girl, 1 boy (Abbey F1)

Black & Tan – 3 girls, 3 boys (Scarlett F2)

And one pregnant mom that could throw any colors. (Roxy F1b)

Many people have emailed me about getting on the waiting list and today I think I finally responded to everyone. We have dark puppies right now and if you wanted black/tan, possibly the rarest color, we have an abundance from the Scarlett litter!

I’ll post pictures of the babies soon!