My busy life has caught up with me. People say all the time, “I don’t know how you do it,” referring to teaching and continuing to raise the puppies.

I pride myself in being organized, being a very hard worker, being willing to put in long work hours for both the kids and the puppies, and keeping detailed lists. But today I made a big mistake.

It’s actually been a mistake for several weeks and I didn’t even realize it. And I feel awful.

The solid sable puppy from the Justyne litter is a GIRL, not a boy. This puppy was sold as a boy. The owner is driving here now to pick up a boy puppy, but she’s a girl. I feel so terrible.

Her owner is still going to take her, even though she wanted a male dog. She’s driven far to get here and the wait for a replacement male pup could be significant.

This has happened one other time with a pair of blenheim puppies. We had a litter where one had a lot of color, the boy, and the other had a lot of white, the girl.

A few months later we had another litter of 2 blenheim pups, one with more color than the other. Somehow I thought the one with more color was the boy again and sold the puppies accordingly, only to find out at the Health Certificate that I had them mixed up.

People are gracious and forgiving and always so kind. This precious solid sable female is absolutely gorgeous and I hope she will steal the hearts of her new owners.

I truly feel awful about this mistake and I’ll be more careful in the future to be sure I’m calling a puppy by the correct gender. And I’ll find a way to get ahead of my life again so something like this doesn’t happen again.

Puppy Travel Everywhere!

This is a quick thank you for your patience as I coordinate puppy travel for 16 puppies during the next week!

Between making sure I have all addresses, health certificates from the vet, phone numbers, and actual dates and methods of travel for each pup, my head is a bit spinning right now!!

If you are new and have contacted me to get on the waiting list or ask questions, bear with me until things calm down here a little bit! I know there are emails waiting for me and I will get to them this weekend.

Thanks so much everyone!


We had puppies today! Abbey had her pups. I can tell you this much…they are ALL black. We’ve been breeding Cavachons for 12 years now and we’ve never seen a litter of all black puppies. I am stunned!

Sophia also had 1 pup two weeks ago. It’s a solid sable female.

We did a belly check today and Scarlett is definitely pregnant with F2 puppies. They will be Cavachons, but for the first time, both parents are Cavachons as well. Scarlett was bred to Charlie, another black/tan Cavachon and I can’t wait to see what colors we get and what their coats will be like.

Finally, of the current litters, we have Pearlie’s gold male with the small star still available and Chantel’s sable/white with the most white still available.

Send us an email if you’re interested in more info on any of our puppies.



Update on the Pearlie and Chantel Pups

Hi Everyone!

Things keep moving forward and we have just a few more puppies still available. Here is an update on the two litters.

Chantel’s pups. We still have the golden male and maybe the sable/white smallest male, depending on what Susie decides.

Pearlie’s pups. We still have the golden male with the star and the blenheim male. If Kathy doesn’t take the solid sable female, Clay has already said that they will be happy to have her so she will have a definite home.

As for upcoming puppies, Sophia has one solid sable female that is 2 weeks old and Abbey is going to deliver any day. She is big as a barn and looks so uncomfortable right now. I’m hoping we might even have puppies in the morning.

I’ll keep everyone posted. In the meantime, we still have 3 beautiful male puppies from Pearlie and Chantel that are still looking for homes. They are available to anyone.

These two are from Pearlie.

This is the gold boy from Chantel.

Puppy Selection Pearlie and Chantel Litters, Plus Update…

First, Justyne’s black female and Annie’s blenheim male are still available.

But we must continue to move forward and it’s time to match the Pearlie And Chantel Pups.

Here are the official waiting lists for each puppy. These are numbered which means they have been organized in waiting list order. Please co tact me if your name is in the top 3 places on any puppy. I especially need to speak with Lori B since your name is first on so many puppies.

I’m doing these litters together since there are so many names that overlap both litters. Let’s talk details and get puppies matched so I can let others know what is still available. There will DEFINITELY be male puppies still available after I talk with everyone from the waiting list.

Pearlie Litter

Chantel Litter

Both litters to compare where you’re at on everything!

Don’t forget the Justyne girl.

And the Annie boy!

They are both fabulous pups too!

Can’t wait to hear from everyone. If you’ve just sent me a deposit, you are eligible for any of these puppies. And it’s very likely that there will be males after everyone on these lists have made their decisions.

Happy looking and deciding!



Annie boy still waiting for his forever home!

He went with me to school today! He will go with me again tomorrow. He’s had two shots and he is super socialized. I can’t believe he is still here. Two class parents want me to keep him as a class pet, but I can’t! Kids have named him Buddy, Bailey, Wrangler, Fudge, and Harvey. What will you call him?

We also have the Justyne girl. She is a gorgeous black! I have a couple names yet to talk to before she’s available to the public. Here is a recent photo of her. She’s a doll!

We Have Lots of Boys!

Updates on the Pearlie and Chantel litters!

The pups are 5 weeks old this week and we will begin puppy selection very soon. We have 8 males in these litters with just 2 families looking at the boys. This means we have puppies that will be ready for new homes in about 3 weeks without a long wait on the waiting list.

Let me know if you’re interested!!

Pearlie Pups Video

Chantel Pups Video