We Have Lots of Boys!

Updates on the Pearlie and Chantel litters!

The pups are 5 weeks old this week and we will begin puppy selection very soon. We have 8 males in these litters with just 2 families looking at the boys. This means we have puppies that will be ready for new homes in about 3 weeks without a long wait on the waiting list.

Let me know if you’re interested!!

Pearlie Pups Video

Chantel Pups Video

2 responses to “We Have Lots of Boys!

  1. We’re interested!
    We are looking for a medium sized puppy to adopt. we like all the colors as they are all adorable but if we had to pick I would say the black and tan.
    Do you have any available puppies still?
    thank you!
    molly perrin

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