My busy life has caught up with me. People say all the time, “I don’t know how you do it,” referring to teaching and continuing to raise the puppies.

I pride myself in being organized, being a very hard worker, being willing to put in long work hours for both the kids and the puppies, and keeping detailed lists. But today I made a big mistake.

It’s actually been a mistake for several weeks and I didn’t even realize it. And I feel awful.

The solid sable puppy from the Justyne litter is a GIRL, not a boy. This puppy was sold as a boy. The owner is driving here now to pick up a boy puppy, but she’s a girl. I feel so terrible.

Her owner is still going to take her, even though she wanted a male dog. She’s driven far to get here and the wait for a replacement male pup could be significant.

This has happened one other time with a pair of blenheim puppies. We had a litter where one had a lot of color, the boy, and the other had a lot of white, the girl.

A few months later we had another litter of 2 blenheim pups, one with more color than the other. Somehow I thought the one with more color was the boy again and sold the puppies accordingly, only to find out at the Health Certificate that I had them mixed up.

People are gracious and forgiving and always so kind. This precious solid sable female is absolutely gorgeous and I hope she will steal the hearts of her new owners.

I truly feel awful about this mistake and I’ll be more careful in the future to be sure I’m calling a puppy by the correct gender. And I’ll find a way to get ahead of my life again so something like this doesn’t happen again.

Puppy Travel Everywhere!

This is a quick thank you for your patience as I coordinate puppy travel for 16 puppies during the next week!

Between making sure I have all addresses, health certificates from the vet, phone numbers, and actual dates and methods of travel for each pup, my head is a bit spinning right now!!

If you are new and have contacted me to get on the waiting list or ask questions, bear with me until things calm down here a little bit! I know there are emails waiting for me and I will get to them this weekend.

Thanks so much everyone!