Update on the Pearlie and Chantel Pups

Hi Everyone!

Things keep moving forward and we have just a few more puppies still available. Here is an update on the two litters.

Chantel’s pups. We still have the golden male and maybe the sable/white smallest male, depending on what Susie decides.

Pearlie’s pups. We still have the golden male with the star and the blenheim male. If Kathy doesn’t take the solid sable female, Clay has already said that they will be happy to have her so she will have a definite home.

As for upcoming puppies, Sophia has one solid sable female that is 2 weeks old and Abbey is going to deliver any day. She is big as a barn and looks so uncomfortable right now. I’m hoping we might even have puppies in the morning.

I’ll keep everyone posted. In the meantime, we still have 3 beautiful male puppies from Pearlie and Chantel that are still looking for homes. They are available to anyone.

These two are from Pearlie.

This is the gold boy from Chantel.