We had puppies today! Abbey had her pups. I can tell you this much…they are ALL black. We’ve been breeding Cavachons for 12 years now and we’ve never seen a litter of all black puppies. I am stunned!

Sophia also had 1 pup two weeks ago. It’s a solid sable female.

We did a belly check today and Scarlett is definitely pregnant with F2 puppies. They will be Cavachons, but for the first time, both parents are Cavachons as well. Scarlett was bred to Charlie, another black/tan Cavachon and I can’t wait to see what colors we get and what their coats will be like.

Finally, of the current litters, we have Pearlie’s gold male with the small star still available and Chantel’s sable/white with the most white still available.

Send us an email if you’re interested in more info on any of our puppies.


10 responses to “Announcements!

  1. I am retiring on Jan 1st and would love to start my new journey with a new little friend. I would prefer to have a puppy that is either Tri colored – solid sable – solid apricot or red. The sex doesn’t matter where are you located so I can make arrangements to pick up my buddy. My goal is to be able to pick up the puppy by the end of January.

  2. Hi Kristy,
    I was on your website last night & there was a comment about one of your dogs, who is now 1 year old. The owner said he was 32 lbs! Is that a common weight? I thought Cavachons were about 12-18 lbs.

  3. I’ve been looking at puppies for a year. My Golden retriever is 17 at Thanksgiving. Your puppies are all healthy & happy looking. We live in Tacoma, with a big yard, fenced. Don’t care if its boy or girl. Like the red color. Sincerely, Nama & Ray

  4. Hi Kristy, Was wondering how things are going and how we move from here. Sue ( Golden Blaze puppy From Pearlie)

  5. Interested in the Blen male born Oct 1st. Cost and location. Im disabled and cant afford much. But I really want to give this pup a forever home. My last cavachon passed away July 4th 2018.

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