Puppy Selection Pearlie and Chantel Litters, Plus Update…

First, Justyne’s black female and Annie’s blenheim male are still available.

But we must continue to move forward and it’s time to match the Pearlie And Chantel Pups.

Here are the official waiting lists for each puppy. These are numbered which means they have been organized in waiting list order. Please co tact me if your name is in the top 3 places on any puppy. I especially need to speak with Lori B since your name is first on so many puppies.

I’m doing these litters together since there are so many names that overlap both litters. Let’s talk details and get puppies matched so I can let others know what is still available. There will DEFINITELY be male puppies still available after I talk with everyone from the waiting list.

Pearlie Litter

Chantel Litter

Both litters to compare where you’re at on everything!

Don’t forget the Justyne girl.

And the Annie boy!

They are both fabulous pups too!

Can’t wait to hear from everyone. If you’ve just sent me a deposit, you are eligible for any of these puppies. And it’s very likely that there will be males after everyone on these lists have made their decisions.

Happy looking and deciding!


4 responses to “Puppy Selection Pearlie and Chantel Litters, Plus Update…

  1. So if I understand correctl, after Liz and Lori pick the one that they are getting then I can choose which one I want to put a deposit on?

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