This is Buddy, a fully accelerated, potty trained, blenheim Cavachon puppy looking for a new home. I have detailed information that I can provide from his current family.

Basically, he has more energy than they are able to handle and they feel a more active home will be better suited for him.

He is in Couer d’Alene, ID and we would prefer a local match so he doesn’t have to fly.

He is a larger pup and should mature to 18-25lbs as an adult. He is not neutered yet but is old enough to have this done. He was born in June of 2018 so he is 7 months old.

He will come with all his supplies. Please email for more info.


4 responses to “Buddy

  1. Is the tri-boy from Scarlet’s litter taken? I would like to remain on the waiting list. I will be sending the $50 check today. I understand that you have destroyed the previous check that I sent to get onto the wait list, correct?

    I was hoping for a tri color, smaller pup than Buddy.

    Amy Unger The Alpine Companies 145 Corte Madera Town Center #660 Corte Madera, CA 94925 415-927-2029 amyu@alpinecos.com

  2. Hi , I am pretty sure this is my doggy’s brother right ?? Is he the pup to paisley and rusty ?? We live in cda and would be possibly interested if this is our dogs sibling ? Can u let me know ? Thanks Heather Curto Sent from Heathers iPhone


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