Photos of all the Puppies

Hi Everyone!

I’ve created a litter page for each of our current litters of brand new puppies.  They are on the sidebar of the blog.  You can simply click on the parent names and the link will take you to the page.  All of the babies are under 2 weeks old so we are just getting started with the next round of fun!  We are taking names from anyone already on the waiting list if you’re interested in any specific puppy.  We will match puppies when they are 5 weeks old and/or in the order of the waiting list.  I will do my best to update their photos/videos each week!  Enjoy!

New Puppies

Now that Sadie’s litter all have forever homes, it’s time to share about the new babies. Our waiting list is nice and plump and I think a lot of you will be very happy with all the new choices. We have more girls than boys right now and I know many of you have been waiting for girls.

There is one female that will not be available. I don’t know which one it will be yet, but I will let you know soon.

Here is a simple list of genders and colors that we currently have. This is not the number of puppies, just the combos that have been born.


Solid Sable






Solid Sable



We are also waiting for one more Cavachon litter and a Bichon Frise litter that should both be born before February ends.

All of these Cavachon litters are F1, or first generation puppies. For anyone waiting for an F1b litter, Paisley is with our Cavachon male and Scarlett (Cavachon female) is in heat and will be bred to a Bichon.

I hope to post pictures this weekend!

Here is an appetizer…


Frosty, AKA “Feisty” is looking for his forever home. All of his golden/red brothers have been matched and this little guy needs a forever home.

He is rambunctious, silly, playful, and full of it! He will be small, from 10-14 lbs is my best guess.

There are videos of the litter (Sadie’s) on our Facebook page for Silver Paw Cavachons if you want to see him in action.

Here is a recent photo. Send me an email if you’re interested in more info.

Sadie Pups – 2 Available!

Hi Everyone,

Just want to let you know that we have matched 2 of the Sadie pups and the other two are available! If you scroll down and visit our FB page you’ll see video and photos of them all. The available pups are “no star” (apricot pup) and “Frosty” (blenheim pup). Both of them are boys.

We are happy to talk with anyone about these pups, even if you are not on the waiting list. They get their first shot tomorrow and can go home Friday.

The two available boys are the pups in the middle.