California Trip

We are driving to CA at the end of this week. We are looking to transport any puppies that are ready and needing to go in that direction.

The litters that are old enough for this service are Justyne, Sophia, Paige, and Pearlie. There will be a fee for transportation.

We have already lined up one pup and there are other available pups that could also make the trip to families not currently on our waiting list.

Here’s the thing though…we have to leave super early Thursday morning, which means pups need to see the vet by Wednesday at the latest. That’s just three days to work out all the details.

I am ready by my phone today to match pups and answer questions. Tomorrow my spring break ends and I go back to work. I have school board Monday night and will need to squeeze a visit in to the vet Wednesday after school.

Here is an update on what is still available.

Justyne’s litter has two solid sable boys and a black boy still available. I’m waiting to hear from Amy U., otherwise all 3 pups are available and could come on the CA trip.

I will see Cathy L. Tuesday and get her decision on Sophia’s black girl. I have an email out to Nicole B. so we can talk as well. If both ladies choose other pups, this girl will be available. The blen boy is matched and will be delivered to So. CA next week.

Both Paige pups are matched and I’m coordinating travel for them now.

Pearlie’s Litter has the most activity. We’ve matched the blenheim girl and I am reaching out to Amy U. and Nicole B. and will see Cathy L. Tuesday. I hope to have this all ironed out in the next 48 hours. Amy B., you’re after Amy U. If she decides to go with the Justyne boy, then you’ll have a chance at the tri girl.

As you can see, this process is tedious and everything falls into place one step at a time. We are under a time crunch with our decision to drive to CA which puts a bit of pressure on everyone.

Let me know if you have questions. If you’re new and want to talk about anything that’s available, please just call. Those on the list already, you can call as well! At this point that will be the most efficient way for us to communicate. I anticipate being on the phone a lot so be sure to leave a message if I don’t pick up. I’ll call you back.

Looking forward to matching lo the puppies!


Kristy 🐶

I’m Back. Watch for Videos on Facebook!

Hey Everyone!

I’m back from my trip to Costa Rica. Everyone is doing well and I am doing new videos of all the litters today. It’s basically puppy selection for everyone so I’d like to hear from you before and/or after you see the videos.

Here is a quick snap of the litter lists so you can see where you stand for each puppy. The names have been rearranged into waiting list order. A circled name means the puppy is matched to that person.

As you can see, there are several people with multiple names on the lists. When they are finally matched with their pup, their names will be removed from other pups opening up availability for the other pups. There are also pups that have no names right now which means they are available!

I will still work in waiting list order. As for now, if your name is anywhere on this these lists, please reach out and let me know your preferences. Right now my main focus will be on matching the Justyne, Sophia, Paige, and Pearlie puppies. This is a PROCESS and it takes TIME. If you respond quickly it helps things go more smoothly.

I am working on new videos and I will respond quickly to emails.

If your name is missing and you talked to me about a pup, please let me know ASAP! Also, this is my most current waiting list. If your name is missing from here, let me know as well.

Videos of all the New Puppies

Hey Everyone!

There are new videos on the FB page of all the new puppies. We are taking names from those on the waiting list so if you see a pup you’re interested in, send us an email.

This pup took a quick nap between videos!!

Here are the waiting lists for the litters.





These names are not in any specific order right now. When the puppies are 5 weeks old I’ll contact each puppy list in waiting list order to begin matching puppies.

Send us an email at for questions and more information.