Introducing Molly & Braden – Accelerated Puppies in Training


I would like everyone to officially meet Annie’s Tri puppies, who now have names!  The puppy on the left is “Molly”, and the puppy on the right is “Braden”.  We’ve been loving these puppies and playing with them, but we’ve just been calling them, “here puppy, puppy”, so it’s alway so nice when we find out what their name is going to be, and we can begin using the names with the puppies.

The other night, Molly & Braden watched a movie with us on the couch.  Well, let’s say, we all tried to watch a movie, while Molly & Braden wiggled, and wiggled, and wiggled, and wiggled, and wiggled.  I thought of the perfect solution to all the wiggling, and gave them a Bully Stick, which worked, and didn’t work at the same time.

It worked because they both stopped wiggling and began chewing ferociously on the thing, but in the process of doing this, instead of wiggles, we had gnaw, squeak, gnaw, squeak, gurgle, squeak, gnaw…to listen to while we watched.  The noise was much more tolerable than the movement, so we settled for it and finished our movie. 

During the last 5 minutes, we separated the puppies, and Braden fell asleep on my chest, while Molly finally curled up between me and Kaelyn.  We watched some of the special features, even though it was late, simply to let ourselves enjoy the cozy puppies, if but for a moment!!




Molly on the left, Braden on the right.  I know, it’s blurry.  They wouldn’t stop moving!!



Braden, a gorgeous Tri Color Cavachon puppy.  This color is rare, and doesn’t come around too often!


Side view of Braden’s face.


A view of their coats.


Close up of Molly.  This was actually a photo of the two of them, but Braden was so blurry, I decided to just crop Molly out, blow it up a bit, and use it anyway!  Her tan points aren’t as prominent as her brother, but she is gorgeous just the same!



Looking all smug like they were perfect angels the entire evening.  Ummm, NOT!!

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