Chelsie’s Shichon Girlies

I took some pictures of Chelsie’s Shichon girls yesterday.  They were 5 weeks old on Saturday and will be ready to go home in 3 weeks (Sept. 25th).  They are SO cute right now!  They growl at each other, roll around, pounce, and watch mama intently to see how she interacts with us.  They’ll be getting their first worming this week, and shots when they’re 7 weeks old. 

The brown/white girl is sold to Louise, but the black/white girl is still available.  I do have another deposit for a Shichon female, so I’ll wait to see if that family would like this puppy, or they might select the female from Sadie’s litter (pictures coming soon). 

These photos are just quick snaps, but show how incredibly cute these babies are!  Enjoy!




The black/white girl has some dark chocolate brown around her ears. 



Sleepy-head, right in the middle of the photos!




They are basically the same size, but black/white girl might be a tiny bit smaller.  Louise, if you have a name for your puppy, please let me know, and I’ll start using it with her!

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