Update on Justyne’s S/W Boy

I love getting updates on the puppies. This guy just went home last week to Austin, TX. Sounds like he is settling in well!

Hey Kristy!

Just thought I should update you on what’s going on with our puppy 🙂 we decided to name him milo and he’s happy, so playful, and very easy to train so far! He can sit on command already and he’s only pottied outside his pads 2 times; we gave him a bath on Thursday and he stayed very calm during it. The only issue so far is he whines a LOT during the night when we put him in his play pen/crate setup to sleep, which of course is normal for puppies. Anyways he’s going to get his 13 week shots next week! I’m excited to finally be able to walk and play with him outside 🙂

General News

It’s been a busy day! I’ve updated all the new litters, taken pictures, uploaded videos, and posted them here on the blog.

This is the current Master Waiting List. This is the list I use when I order the names for puppy selection.

If you’re new to this website, WELCOME!

We’ve been breeding dogs since 2003 and Cavachons since 2006. In 2012 we decided to focus all our attention on Cavachons and we’ve never looked back. Occasionally we may have a Cavalier or Bichon litter, but most of our puppies are Cavachons.

Until recently, we’ve always done first generation Cavachons. We have loved the breed for all the reasons everyone else loves this breed and we plan to continue breeding first generation (F1) puppies.

We do own our own Cavachon, Scarlett. She has had a previous F1b litter (she was bred to a Bichon) and she currently has a litter of F2 puppies (she was bred to another Cavachon). This is our first F2 litter and the colors are spectacular! Both parents have great health so we expect the puppies to have the same.

We currently have 3 litters of puppies plus 2 older pups from Chantel and Justyne. We also have a pregnant female that should deliver in a week or so.

I have recent pictures of ALL the available puppies here on the website and I’m looking forward to working with everyone on the waiting list to find the right puppy for your families.

If you have sent a waiting list fee but don’t see your name, please let me know. I want to be sure I haven’t missed anyone.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Introducing Scarlett & Charlie’s Pups F2

This is an exciting day! I’ve been waiting to see what this partnership would produce and I couldn’t be happier. Scarlett has 9 healthy, thriving puppies, and they are all gorgeous!!

Females: 3 Black/Tan, 1 Blenheim

Males: 3 Black/Tan, 1 Blenheim, 1 Tri

Here is a quick roll call video.

We already have a few people I retested in the black/tan girls. Every puppy is going to be fantastic!