Update on Justyne’s S/W Boy

I love getting updates on the puppies. This guy just went home last week to Austin, TX. Sounds like he is settling in well!

Hey Kristy!

Just thought I should update you on what’s going on with our puppy 🙂 we decided to name him milo and he’s happy, so playful, and very easy to train so far! He can sit on command already and he’s only pottied outside his pads 2 times; we gave him a bath on Thursday and he stayed very calm during it. The only issue so far is he whines a LOT during the night when we put him in his play pen/crate setup to sleep, which of course is normal for puppies. Anyways he’s going to get his 13 week shots next week! I’m excited to finally be able to walk and play with him outside 🙂

2 responses to “Update on Justyne’s S/W Boy

  1. Milo is so adorable! We have his sister, the black female, Daisy Rae. We think she is the best dog ever! So fun to see that her brother is doing great too. 😄💕

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