Today’s Quick News

Besides puppy baths, and photos, today had a couple other notable things happen.  Pansy & Pujo’s litter was due today, and she delivered one solid black female Cavachon.  Again, I always wish for at least 4 pups in a litter, but getting a solid black pup is always a good thing because the color is so rare.

Another thing that happened this morning…Lilly & Colby tied the knot and mated.  If all goes well, we should have new Cavachon puppies born in November and ready to go home in January!!

I have a very busy week ahead, with my sister and brother-in-law coming on Wednesday to stay a week, but somehow I will squeeze in puppy baths for Annie’s males, and new pictures and video of them.

Until then, have a tail waggin’ day!!  Kristy

The New Planner

I can’t let this pass without sharing at least a photo. I will give more details in my personal blog,  I discovered a fun planner, I ordered one for the dogs, and I am going to begin using it for everything DOG!

If you want to see the planners, visit, and you can see what they look like inside. The part I’m also excited about is the custom cover that I designed.


After several emails back and forth, and 3 proofs, they finally got all the details as I had requested, and I gave them the green light this evening to send it to the printers.

I’m hoping it will arrive on Friday as I upgraded to overnight shipping. The planner starts in July 2013, so I will be able to get started using it immediately.

This is going to be so helpful keeping track of expenses, daily routines, and all the details that go into raising each individual litter of puppies. The shot schedules, worming schedules, photos and video updates…the list just goes on and on!

I’m sure I’ll share some photos of the inside, once I get a few weeks/months under my belt.

For now, enjoy the final proof and send me photos of your cute babies. Next year, I will get the same cover, but I will want all new pictures of each color of Cavachons!!

Annie’s Litter 3 Weeks Old

These pups are just getting cuter every day! For now, they are available to those on the waiting list. Official puppy selection will begin at 5 weeks, though they may be selected earlier than that.



The Girls


Blenheim Girl


Golden Girl


Solid Sable Girl


Blenheim Girl


The Boys


Tri Boy


Golden Boy


Solid Sable Boy


Solid Sable Boy

Maxwell is in the House

Maxwell, the last male pup from Sadie’s litter is a Phase 1 Accelerated puppy so I thought I’d show you the indoor set-up that we use.

I really like the taller Iris pen that comes with 8 panels. Cavachons are capable of escaping over a shorter pen, so we always recommend one that is closer to 3ft tall.

The Iris pen can be made long and skinny as is shown below, or it can be a nice 4ft x 4ft square.

When the pup first comes home and during the training process, it is important to organize his pen and set him up for success.



Here, Maxwell has limited space, encouraging sleeping in the right spot, chewing his bully stick in the right spot, and most importantly, going potty in the right spot.  He naturally doesn’t want to soil his bed/hang out areas, so there is very little “other” space, making the litter box a natural choice.  We also take him out as frequently as we can, but if we are not home, he has everything he needs in this space.



I recommend, when the puppy first comes home, to make his pen skinny like this.  As he is more dependable, you can opt for a more square and spacious area.  At night, you can also remove some panels, so there are only 6, eliminating almost all floor space and having only bed or potty for his choices.

Maxwell is pretty content in this puppy safe zone.  It is right in our kitchen, so he is in the middle of everything that is going on in the household!!

PS, his crate is backwards only because the door was swinging out the wrong way and I didn’t take time to change it.  I like to attach the door to the side of the Iris Pen, so that it stays open.

Puppy Selection Daisy’s Litter

It’s time for puppy selection with Daisy’s litter. Those on the waiting list, please contact me if you are interested in one of these pups, and also if you would like to pass.

They are going to be solid, as they were already 4 lbs at 4 weeks old. My best guess is that they will be from 17-23 lbs as adults.

They are gentle and calm puppies, very quiet so far, and laid back in personality.


Male – Reserved for Sheri & family.


Female – Reserved for Curt & Becky!!


Male – Available for deposit.

I have a few more photos of each puppy. Please email me if you are interested in seeing more angles. I will respond once I hear from everyone on the waiting list.

Last Available Bichon

Reposting this as we still have this gorgeous and fun male puppy looking for his forever home!

We have just one Bichon Frise Male puppy still available. His brother went home this morning to be the 2nd pup to a family with a female Cavachon. He’s going to make a perfect little brother.

This pup could be a little brother too, or maybe just “the man of the house”! His personality is spunky and fun and he’s ready to go anytime!


He is very attentive and ready to be in the middle of whatever is happening!


He is also very sweet and affectionate! Who could resist this face?