This n That

Things are almost quiet here at Silver Paw Cavachons. We are almost to our downsizing goal and have about 6 more adult dogs to place.

Our puppy count keeps dropping as each puppy goes to their forever home!

We have just 3 female Shochons still available, our very last Shichons here at Silver Paw Cavachons. Their price has been significantly reduced so let me know if you might be interested. They are Sadie’s girls, all black and white, and just as sweet as can be!

We have a little handful of Cavachon puppies that are all ready now. The black & white puppies from Lilly’s litter are still available, a male and a female, the blenheim male from Rosie’s litter, and a sable/white male from the princess litter. All the other puppies have deposits and will he going home in the coming weeks.

Then there is the new litter of Cavachons born just over a week ago. We have 5 absolutely gorgeous puppies, all in our most rare and hard to find colors. Stay tuned for updated pictures of this exquisite litter!

I am happy it will be a more laid back summer this year because we are anticipating our move closer to Spokane in August.

Here are some recent snaps of the fun we always have here at SPK!


Male Shichon from Chelsea’s litter. He goes home tomorrow.


Candi, female solid sable from Daisychon’s litter. She goes home July 1st.


Candi’s sister, who flew back to New York a couple weeks ago!

Sadie’s Shichon Girls

Finally!!! Pictures of the three female Shichon puppies from Sadie & Sebastian’s litter. They are ready for their new homes now!

These are all the absolutely sweetest girls. They are great with their bath and amazing with all the details of grooming.

They have been socialized with my 11 year old (they love to hang out on his bed), and we’ve started on the crate training.

They are all going to be fairly small, from 12-16 lbs.

Elle, medium size girl.

Sassy, smallest girl.

Dakota, largest girl.

I love all of them!

Maggie’s New Litter

Introducing Maggie & Ricky’s new Cavachon puppies, born June 7, 2012.

There are 6 puppies in the litter.

Black/Tan Girl – Scarlet
Black/Tan Boy – Rhett
Black Boy – Clayton
Black Boy – Hamilton
Solid Sable Boy – Charles
Solid Apricot Boy – Ashley


Maggie is resting with her babies! This is her second litter. She is a great mom!


After retiring Krystle & Vanna, Maggie is my largest female Bichon. She weighs around 17 lbs.


The puppies!! Sooo cute, dew claws already removed. I did it myself! First time and it went really well (Daryl has always done it in the past).

These puppies will be ready for new homes after August 2nd.


Here is the regal father, Ricky. He is OFA certified! He is a hefty 25 lbs!!

Retired Breeders

Friday I rehomed 6 of our beloved breeder dogs and officially retired them from our breeding program. I took a last photo of each dog. The new owners shared a few things.


Vanna, large Bichon female…larger than life, happy, and friendly.


Mosely, Bichon male. “He’s a hoot! He tries to guard his space some, but immediately submits if he is called on it”!



Harmony & R.B., female and male Shihtzus…like frolicking puppies!


Sebastian, male Shihtzu. I just have to say that because he was not even 2 years old, it was very difficult to let him go. He made my Shichon puppies. “He’s like Eyeore, but he’s pulling at my heart strings”!!


Molly, Tri female Cavalier…she’s adjusting well and making herself right at home.

Many of you have puppies from these wonderful parents! Know that they are all in great homes and being spoiled rotton (in a good way, of course)!!

We are almost done with our kennel reduction project. We have 6 more adults, 2 female ShihTzu, 1 female Bichon, and 3 male Bichons that are still looking for their forever homes.


I learned a new word today…Pergola. We are building one, but I didn’t know what to call it!

After googling gazebo and porch ideas, I stumbled on some photos of what I had in mind and discovered it had a name!!

Our insurance company is requiring some porch railings on two of the three porches that are on the new house.

Daryl has started on one of the porches.


It’s a great start and I think enough, for now, to satisfy the insurance company. We plan to finish it in August when he has more time.

So now that I know what I’m looking for, I found some ideas that I love!


Love the fabric detail and the slatted top!


Here it is at night with little white lights.



I stole this photo because the bottom picture shows a brown porch with white railings and a white gazebo. Because the trim on our house is white, I think the Pergola is also going to be white.

I can’t wait to have some beautiful fabric, white lights, and a sweet candle light supper!! That setting is fit for ANY guest!

Update – Lilly’s Litter

I love getting updates! Here is a quick update from N & family who got one of Lilly’s male pups.

Get ready for cute overload!!

“Hi Kristy,
We have had so much fun getting to know T’s sable/white male from Lilly’s April 9 litter. Here are a few pictures of him at our home. Thank you for raising him so well. He is doing wonderfully with his UgoDog.
N, T & C”




Shichons Going Home

Our last two male Shichon puppies have found their forever homes and will be heading there this weekend. We still have 3 females that I will picture soon.

These are our last Shichon puppies. We are rehoming their father this weekend as we plan to focus exclusively on Cavachon puppies. It seems bitter sweet to me. I do love the Shichon puppies as well, but we are better known for the Cavachon puppies, and receive many more inquiries each week for Cavachons.

I am looking forward to the simplicity of dealing with just one available breed, and being able to focus our efforts on producing happy and healthy Cavachons. For everyone with a Shichon, you are still part of the SPK family and we want to hear about your puppies and how they are doing.

Here are the boys from Chelsea’s litter. They are so handsome!!