Because Connie Asked Me To

It is so much fun to watch the puppies grow into adorable balls of fluff!  As their hair takes on more personality, so does each puppy, and seeing them interact together, set boundaries with each other, and generally just play until they drop with exhaustion….well, that is the fun part of raising puppies!!

Connie is trying to decide between these two puppies, and she asked me for some more pictures.  So here they are.  I love working with buyers when the puppies are young.  There is so much anticipation and wondering what they’re going to look like as adults.  And each puppy is so different.  It’s hard to decide!!

“Tri Guy” and “Hunk o’ Chocolate” (aka Choco Boy) hung out on the barn porch yesterday, and boy did they have fun!


As expected, Tri Guy, since after all, he is almost 4 weeks older, took the lead, but this time Hunk o’ Chocolate wasn’t far behind him!



Tri Guy is petit in how he is built.  He is a willowy pup, feels lightweight in comparison to Choco Boy.  Tri Guy also has long legs, or at least they are longer than Choco’s legs.



Choco Boy continues to amaze me with his unique coat coloring.  His coat is thick, wavy, and full of color everywhere!



He is so stinkin’ cute, I can’t stand it!



He looks good from every angle!



But Tri Guy is just as cute.  He is a vibrant Tri color Cavachon, and those don’t come around too often.  He needs a little haircut around his eyes.  I think I’ll do that today.



He’s just pretending to be tired here.  The fun had only just begun!



They were like brothers playing, Tri Guy showing Choco Boy the ropes.  Choco Boy getting messy along the way!



A spontaneous smooch is always welcome with puppies.  They do stuff like that.



“Look how cute I am with that piece of straw on my nose!”



“Look at me, I can pull off a regal look.  Just watch me.”



See how short Choco Boy’s legs are?



“What is that thing you’re holding?  I need to sniff it!”



Tri Guy is a little taller than Choco Boy, but I’m sure weighs less.  It’s like the difference between a ballerina and a wrestler.



“Let’s sit by the watering can and pretend we’re tired.”



“Naaa, I’d rather chew on her finger.”



“Ok then.  I’ll see what this red thing tastes like.”



“Are we done yet??”

(Tri Guy comes from Annie & Skippy.  Choco Boy comes from Daisychon & Pujo)


2 responses to “Because Connie Asked Me To

  1. Kristie
    All your puppies are the cutest i ever seen. These two are darling.. Choco Boy has such beautiful colouring. Love them all. Your Page makes my day brighter everyday:)

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