Gracie’s Blenheim Males Up Close

Just a sampling. These babies are 5 weeks old today.  One puppy from this litter is sold (still to be determined which one), and the other 2 are still available for adoption.  We’re accepting deposits now for these puppies.  They will be ready for their new homes in approximately 3 weeks!


Today this boy was rambunctious and ambitious!!


This boy has the most apricot color on his body.


Today, this boy was just a sleepyhead. He also has a heart on his forehead! So cute!

6 responses to “Gracie’s Blenheim Males Up Close

  1. Yes, yes, yes! Going to talk to my girl and see if she wants one of these. Do you still have 2 of them? I can send deposit ASAP if she “falls in love” with one of them.

    • Hi Leslie,
      Yes, two of these puppies are still available. If you choose your first and second favorites, you’ll be sure to get at least one of them. Let me know how you’d like to proceed. Use the Contact Us form if you’d like to send a deposit. I will send you my address.

  2. Can you tell what their personalities will be at this age? I am wanting to adopt a ‘mellow fellow, but have fallen in love with Lovey, the one with the heart. What will the adpotion fee be?

    I am in Maine, but have a relative in the Seattle area. How far from Seattle are you?

    • Hi Sally,
      Their personalities are beginning to show! I hope to have a video next week so people can really see what they are like.
      There is already a deposit for this litter, and they have nor made their final selection yet, so “Lovey” may or nay not be available. We should know soon.
      We are on the eastern side of the state, so about 6-7 hours from Seattle.

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