Because Cyndie Asked Me To

The process of choosing a puppy is quite involved, and often involves more than one family!  Cyndie is waiting to see which puppy Connie chooses, because she’s getting “the other one”.  There is no hurry, because both families have chosen for their pup to join our Accelerated Puppy program once they turn 8 weeks old. 

That means Tri Guy and Choco Boy will be around here for a while, learning their manners, learning how to potty on the UGODOG, learning how to walk on a leash, eventually sleeping in their crates, and getting neutered if they’re here long enough. 

We’re really going to get to know these two puppies and we’re excited that they will be joining our family.  Raising an Accelerated Puppy means that they become part of our family, going places with us, getting groomed regularly, going on daily walks, sleeping in our house, and hanging out on our furniture.  Yep, we’re going to know Tri Guy and Choco Boy REALLY WELL!!


We sure won’t mind having them around!



“I love you.”

“I love you too”

“You’re my best friend.”

“You’re my best friend too.”



Can they get any cuter?



“Hang on, we’ll be cute in a minute.  What’s that over there…”



“Aww, nothin’.”

“Ok, I’m cute again.”



“This is my pal, Choco Boy.”



“Are we almost done?”



“Hurry up and take the picture.  We’re sitting perfectly and this takes too much energy!”

“Actually, I’m bored.”



“What’s this?”



” This is WAY MORE FUN now!!”



“Pick Me!!”



“No, Pick Me!!!!”




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