Another Look At Gracie’s Cavachon Males


We tried to play in the hay, but the puppies  just wanted to sit quietly.



So we went into the house and hung out on the couch. 

Let me introduce Gracie’s puppies to you.  From L-R…

1. The puppy with the heart on his forehead…

2.  The smallest in the litter with the most red on his body…

3.  The white pup with white on his ear. 

These are the three babies, and the markings that distinguish them from one another.



I think the white boy is the most mischevious. 



They are really beginning to romp and play with each other.  Next week I’ll try to do a video.  I was hoping to do one today, but they just sat still the whole time!



They’re all super cute!!



You can see a bit of the color on their backs.



This is the small pup with the most red on his body.



This is “Lovey”, the heart boy!



Here is his heart!!



This is White Boy, with a bit of white on his left ear.




Here he is again.



And again.  His ear is so cute!



They still like to sleep a LOT!


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