Delivering Annie’s Sable & White Female

 I was over an hour late on Monday, delivering this ADORABLE puppy! 


You would think I would have seen this sign, but  somehow I missed it.  It was probably because I was flustered that I had missed the “short cut turn”, Miles-Creston Rd., and was figuring out how I could turn around on the curvy highway. 


THEN, you’d think I would have AT LEAST seen this sign, but perhaps I was so relieved I was on the right road, and hadn’t lost too much time, that somehow I just zipped right past it.


This sign is just yards after the previous one.  Yep, I missed it too. 


 I must have been paying more attention to the next sign…


…and I just continued on my merry way, down a road that was soon to be CLOSED!!  The sign that I finally DID see was several miles down the road and I didn’t go back and take a picture of it.  It was like the white one above with the flag, only it said “Road Closed 3 miles ahead.  Local traffic only”.  I shouted out loud in my car, “WHAT??”  Then I said to myself, “I’m “local” traffic, so when the road barrier was barricading the entire road, I just slipped around the side and kept going.

I should have taken pictures of the road.  MAJOR road work was happening.  It was obvious.  It looked like landslide repair, or a widening of the road in general, but it was dirt, and graded, so I just kept driving.  Pretty soon the road began to narrow and a water tank truck was stopped in the middle of it.

I hopped out of my Explorer and marched up to the truck.  I was still convinced that “local” traffic just might be able to pass through, and by this time, I was really upset that there were no “Road Closed” signs at the beginning of Miles-Creston.

The guy in the truck was on the phone, so I waited till he was finished, then stepped up to his window and asked if “local” traffic could get through.  “No, the road is totally closed to all traffic”, he said, through the tobacco wedged between his bottom lip and teeth, “They’re blasting ahead with dynamite.  Ain’t nobody goin’ through there.”  Hmmm, I guess that settles it.  I proceeded to reprimand him about the fact that there were NO signs (I still think they miraculously must have appeared later in the day when I was heading home and stopped to see IF there were actually signs that I had missed).  As he told me how to get out and back onto the main highway without totally back tracking, I was trying not to stare at that glob of black hiding his stubby row of bottom teeth.  I hopped down off of his truck and got into mine.

After I turned around with my puppy, I found the gravel road he was telling me about.  And then I drove and drove and drove on this gravel road, in the middle of nowhere (and although I call my home the middle of nowhere, this was even MORE in the middle of nowhere), and finally got back to Hwy 2, and a cement road, and I was back on my way to deliver the sweet puppy!


Who could resist a face like this??  She was so sweet and patient. 


 And so were her new owners waiting over an hour for me to arrive!  She is getting all settled into her new home, and her 5 siblings will all soon be in their new homes as well.

I suppose next time, I’ll try to be more alert to any BIG ORANGE ROAD WORK SIGNS!!  Oh the adventures of delivering puppies!!


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