How to Watch the Puppy Course

Hey Everyone,

It sounds like some of you are having some challenges watching the Puppy Training course. I went back through and took some screen shots because yes, it’s not super user friendly to find it on the website. Hopefully these screenshots will help. This is on my iPhone. I don’t know what it looks like on the actual computer.

Go to the website.
Go to shop courses.
You have to “purchase” the course, even though it’s free.
Purchase it here.
From the main screen, click on the three lines in the top right corner.
Choose Course Classes
Now choose My University. This should take you to your purchased classes.
Enter the classroom with the green button.
This is where you can finally watch your classes.

Whew! I’m sorry it’s so complicated. Maybe there is an easier way, but this is the best I know for now.

This class will not be here free forever. Take advantage of it now. They may come out with an edited DVD version sometime in the future, but this is it for now.

Remember, this course was filmed live and has not been edited. It’s long. But I think there are a lot of good tips to learn.

Let me know if you still have questions. Thanks!

Kristy 😍🐶💕

Some Good Questions

Hi Everyone!

My email is buzzing now with response to the news of Penny’s litter. I’ve had some good email conversations and I want to share one that I think could be especially helpful for many others. Here are screen shots of our email thread.

This was from a family on the waiting list.
My response
Response from family.
My response.
Response from family.
My response.
More of my response.
Response from family

So, I wanted to share this to emphasize again that it’s very difficult for me to know how long things will take and whether there are puppies available because there are so many moving parts to all of this. If Cara wants a girl, but they’re both selected, then suddenly we’re talking to Joey at #55 yet he is the 4th person I’m talking to on the Litter List. And at this point, nobody should get their heart set on anything because it’s only been a few hours since I shared the first photos and likely there will be several others that will emerge from the woodwork of the waiting list.

Hopefully this gives some insider info into the complexity of puppy selection, yet this method truly works beautifully to keep everyone in order.

Again, let me know if you have any questions!!

Kristy 💕🐶🇺🇸

Bringing Puppy Home

I’d like to share a free course with everyone that covers what to do after bringing your puppy home.

This is currently free and available for an extended amount of time. It is long, but I think worth while. Enjoy!

Penny & Jack Puppies

Happy Memorial Day to everyone! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

We’ve had some activity here at Silver Paw and I’d like to share our new litter with you. This post will also serve to explain the process for getting one of our puppies. Did you all see this post on our Facebook page? It’s good to be connected on all three of our social media platforms so you don’t miss anything!

You can find us on Facebook at Silver Paw Cavachons, IG @silverpawcavachons, and of course here on the website at

Penny had her puppies on May 19, 2020. above is the first peek at the babies. Here is the picture again.

There are three puppies, two very light red and one blenheim. The girls are both light red, and the blenheim pup is a boy. The girls differ slightly in that the pup on the left has a thinner blaze compared to the pup on the right.

I’m expecting these pups to be “megachons” based on their birth weight being so large compared to most of our other litters.

Do you like what you see, then how do you get one of these pups? Here are the steps for getting a Silver Paw Cavachon and the questions you need to ask yourself.

1. Are you currently on the waiting list? If yes, move to question two. If no, this is the first step you need to take to get a puppy. We work exclusively with those on our waiting list when matching puppies. Send us an email to get the process started. (

2. Does this litter work into your timeline for bringing a puppy home? Penny’s pups will be ready to go home July 14-20. This is the window of time for you to pick up your pup. After that, we charge a weekly fee to keep and care for your puppy. If the timeline works for you, and your answer is yes, move on to question #3. If your answer is no, and this timing does not work well for you, then you’ll need to wait for a future litter.

3. Is there at least one color/gender/size combo that you like in this litter? We are not yet evaluating personality, just boy/girl and color choices. If your answer is no, you will need to wait for a future litter. If yes, send us an email and ask to be on the Penny Litter List. We accept names onto the Litter List until they are 5 weeks old.

4. At this point, everyone is waiting! You’re either on the specific litter list and waiting for puppy selection when the puppies turn 5 weeks old, or you are waiting for a future litter.

At 5 weeks old, I will take all the names that are on the litter list and put them in official waiting list order. And then I will start calling people. This is when we cover as much detail as possible about personality, characteristics, and finding the right match for your family. You may or may not be matched to a puppy at this point, but we comb over the details as best as we can during this process.

If you are matched to a puppy, you have three weeks to get everything ready, make travel arrangements, and come to get your pup! It’s an exciting time watching them grow and mature during those final weeks!

Puppy selection day for Penny’s litter will be Tuesday, June 23rd. If your name is added to the Penny litter list, you need to be ready to talk on that day. The last day you can get on her Litter List is Monday, June 22.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I’m ready to write down names and look forward to your emails. Please do not comment here on the blog, but send me a physical email if you’d like to be considered for a Penny puppy.

I hope this helps everyone understand the puppy matching process.

We are waiting for Kenzie and Maddie to have their babies. They are both big as barns!!

Kristy 🇺🇸💕🐶

Cavalier Cuteness

*Puppies not available for adoption

The Cavalier babies are growing. They are at the “Oh So Cute!” stage right now. They play hard and then they sleep hard!

“Green girl”

Their little characters are beginning to shine!

“Blue” is tuckered out!

“Blue girl”

When playtime is over, they all find their way back into the big bed to rest!

It’s hard being a puppy!!

Indoor Playground

We’ve been breeding dogs since 2003. Over the years we have set up every nook and corner imaginable in our home to accommodate the needs of the dogs and puppies. Pens have been built and moved and taken down. Floors scrubbed, disinfected, and ready for the next batch.

Through all these years we have never set up a semi “permanent” space until now.

I saw this idea in a Puppy Culture video and decided to replicate it. While we have always had an exercise pen or two, we never built a foundation to hold it in place.

I told D we needed 2×6’s and hinges to create a frame that could be moved or taken down when necessary. He suggested using the cedar boards we used to build our garden boxes. “Great idea,” I said, and he went to work.

He dove tailed the edges so they would fit together with a large nail.

This created a wood border around the x-pen so the sides would stay in place.

Under the sheet is a tarp to protect the carpet. I’m still working on him to tear out the carpet and replace it with a wood floor. That was his prior job, before starting his berry farm, so we have all the tools and skills to actually make it happen. Wish me luck!

The litter boxes can be blocked off when we first put the pups inside. This space is quite large for them to hit the target so we encourage their success by placing them in the boxes and blocking them back behind the gate. When they’ve successfully pee’d, then they can come out to play! We also then move the gate against the x-pen wall so they have free access to the potty corner when needed.

The beds are at the opposite end with toys and enrichment items all in the middle. Next week I will be building a puppy jungle gym so be on the lookout for that blog post!

This space fits conveniently behind our couch in the living room. The sheet can be washed when needed (I have 3 of them to switch out).

I’m so excited about this space. We ALWAYS have puppies in the house and now they have a permanent space to hang out that is not in our way!

PS…new videos of Allie and Fergie litters on Facebook.

Allie pups.

Fergie pups.

We also have a Chantel in the house waiting for her to deliver puppies. And later in the month we should have a litter from Penny…and so life rambles on at Silver Paw. Stay well!

💕 Kristy 🐶

Instagram & Announcement

Hey Everyone!

For those that do Instagram, I’m trying to be more active over there. Right now there are videos of the Allie pups in my IG story.

Check out @silverpawcavachons to follow us.

If you want to peek at our regular life you can follow @gracewithouttears, and if you want to see my other hobby, look at @kristyplans.

If you can’t get over to IG, here is a taste of today’s fun!

*puppies already matched to forever families

Now for the announcement…

We are expecting two new litters, and maybe three in the next month! Penney and Jack are confirmed and due in late May. Chantel and Finn are due in the next week or so, and I’m thinking that Kenzie looks like she could be pregnant.

Stay tuned for updates!!