Instagram & Announcement

Hey Everyone!

For those that do Instagram, I’m trying to be more active over there. Right now there are videos of the Allie pups in my IG story.

Check out @silverpawcavachons to follow us.

If you want to peek at our regular life you can follow @gracewithouttears, and if you want to see my other hobby, look at @kristyplans.

If you can’t get over to IG, here is a taste of today’s fun!

*puppies already matched to forever families

Now for the announcement…

We are expecting two new litters, and maybe three in the next month! Penney and Jack are confirmed and due in late May. Chantel and Finn are due in the next week or so, and I’m thinking that Kenzie looks like she could be pregnant.

Stay tuned for updates!!


4 responses to “Instagram & Announcement

  1. Hi Kristy,

    Are we still on for me to pick up my new little guy around 11 on May 19th?

    I’m so excited to bring him home!

    😊 Linda Henningsen

    Sent from my iPhone


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