Indoor Playground

We’ve been breeding dogs since 2003. Over the years we have set up every nook and corner imaginable in our home to accommodate the needs of the dogs and puppies. Pens have been built and moved and taken down. Floors scrubbed, disinfected, and ready for the next batch.

Through all these years we have never set up a semi “permanent” space until now.

I saw this idea in a Puppy Culture video and decided to replicate it. While we have always had an exercise pen or two, we never built a foundation to hold it in place.

I told D we needed 2×6’s and hinges to create a frame that could be moved or taken down when necessary. He suggested using the cedar boards we used to build our garden boxes. “Great idea,” I said, and he went to work.

He dove tailed the edges so they would fit together with a large nail.

This created a wood border around the x-pen so the sides would stay in place.

Under the sheet is a tarp to protect the carpet. I’m still working on him to tear out the carpet and replace it with a wood floor. That was his prior job, before starting his berry farm, so we have all the tools and skills to actually make it happen. Wish me luck!

The litter boxes can be blocked off when we first put the pups inside. This space is quite large for them to hit the target so we encourage their success by placing them in the boxes and blocking them back behind the gate. When they’ve successfully pee’d, then they can come out to play! We also then move the gate against the x-pen wall so they have free access to the potty corner when needed.

The beds are at the opposite end with toys and enrichment items all in the middle. Next week I will be building a puppy jungle gym so be on the lookout for that blog post!

This space fits conveniently behind our couch in the living room. The sheet can be washed when needed (I have 3 of them to switch out).

I’m so excited about this space. We ALWAYS have puppies in the house and now they have a permanent space to hang out that is not in our way!

PS…new videos of Allie and Fergie litters on Facebook.

Allie pups.

Fergie pups.

We also have a Chantel in the house waiting for her to deliver puppies. And later in the month we should have a litter from Penny…and so life rambles on at Silver Paw. Stay well!

💕 Kristy 🐶