Some Good Questions

Hi Everyone!

My email is buzzing now with response to the news of Penny’s litter. I’ve had some good email conversations and I want to share one that I think could be especially helpful for many others. Here are screen shots of our email thread.

This was from a family on the waiting list.
My response
Response from family.
My response.
Response from family.
My response.
More of my response.
Response from family

So, I wanted to share this to emphasize again that it’s very difficult for me to know how long things will take and whether there are puppies available because there are so many moving parts to all of this. If Cara wants a girl, but they’re both selected, then suddenly we’re talking to Joey at #55 yet he is the 4th person I’m talking to on the Litter List. And at this point, nobody should get their heart set on anything because it’s only been a few hours since I shared the first photos and likely there will be several others that will emerge from the woodwork of the waiting list.

Hopefully this gives some insider info into the complexity of puppy selection, yet this method truly works beautifully to keep everyone in order.

Again, let me know if you have any questions!!

Kristy 💕🐶🇺🇸

Bringing Puppy Home

I’d like to share a free course with everyone that covers what to do after bringing your puppy home.

This is currently free and available for an extended amount of time. It is long, but I think worth while. Enjoy!